Review Index

Review Index cataloged by surname of author. Also included is the genre of the title. (In progress of being updated)


Adams, Angela:

Assassin (Erotic Romance)

C.T Adams, and Cathy Clamp:

Serpents Moon (Urban Fantasy)

Aguirre,  Anne:

Doubleblind (Sci-Fi Romance)

Killbox (Sci-Fi Romance)

Shady Lady (Urban Fantasy)

Enclave (YA)

Andrews, Ilona:

Magic Bites (Urban Fantasy)

Magic Bleeds (Urban Fantasy)

On The Edge (Urban/Paranormal Romance)

Silent Blade (Science Fiction Romance)

Angell, Kate:

Curveball (Contemporary Romance)

Archer, Zoe:

Collision Course (Space Opera Romance)

Armstrong, Kelley:

Frostbitten (Urban Fantasy)

Waking the Witch (Urban Fantasy)

Augustin, K.S:

In Enemy Hands (Sci-Fi Romance)


Banks, Maya:

The Darkest Hour (Romantic Suspense)

Betts, Heidi:

Tangled up in Love (Contemporary Romance)

Brashear, Jean:

Midnight Surrender (Contemporary Romance)

Briggs, Patricia:

Seeing Eye (Urban Fantasy)

Brook, Meljean:

Here There Be Monsters (Steampunk)

Brown, Lorelie:

Jazz Baby (Historical Romance)

Bjold, McMaster, Lois:

The Sharing Knife: Beguilement (Fantasy Romance)

Butcher, Jim:

Last Call (Urban Fantasy)


Carr, Robyn:

Virgin River (Contemporary Romance)

Forbidden Falls (Contemporary Romance)

Angel’s Peak (Contemporary Romance)

Moonlight Road (Contemporary Romance)

Midnight Confessions (Contemporary Romance)

Caine, Rachel:

Death Warmed Over (Urban Fantasy)

Chance, Karen:

Vegas Odds (Urban Fantasy)

Chandler, Elizabeth:

Dark Secrets: Legacy of Lies (YA)

Dark Secrets: Don’t Tell (YA)

Ciotti, Beth:

Out of Eden (Contemporary Romance)

Collins, Suzanne:

The Hunger Games (YA)

Catching Fire (YA)

Mockingjay (YA)

Creasy, Sara:

Children of Scarabaeus (Sci-Fi Romance)

Croft, Sydney:

Riding the Storm (Erotic Paranormal Romance/Suspense)


Dahl, Victoria:

Crazy for Love (Contemporary Romance)

Lead Me On (Contemporary Romance)

Midnight Assignment (Contemporary Romance)

Dane, Lauren:

Coming Undone (Erotic Romance)

Dean, Sierra:

Something Secret This Way Comes (Urban Fantasy)

DeStefano, Lauren:

Wither (YA)

Dooley, Diane:

Blue Galaxy (Sci-Fi Romance)

Draven, Grace:

Master of Crows (Fantasy Romance)

Durst, Sarah Beth:

Ice (YA)


Echols, Jennifer:

The Ex Games (YA)

Eden, Cynthia:

Bound by Blood (Urban Fantasy)

Elkeles, Simone:

Perfect Chemistry (YA)

Elrod, N.P:

Helcate’s Golden Eye (Mystery/Urban Fantasy/Vampire)

Estep, Jennifer:

Touch of Frost (YA)

Evanovich, Janet:

Finger Lickin’ Fifteen (Comedy/Crime)


Falls, Kat:

Dark Life (YA)

Featherstone, Charlotte:

Sinful (Historical Romance)

Fichera, Liz:

Captive Spirit (Historical Romance)

Foley, Gaelen:

My Irresistible Earl (Historical Romance)

Foster, Lori:

When You Dare (Romantic Suspense)

Frank, Jacquelyn:

Adam (Paranormal Romance)

Frost, Jeaniene:

Destined for an Early Grave (Urban Fantasy/Vampire Romance)


Galenorn, Yasmine:

Night Myst (Dark Urban Fantasy)

Goodman, Jo:

Never Love a Lawmen (Western Romance)

Grace, Sable:

Ascension (Urban Fantasy)

Grant, K.T:

For the Love of Molly (Contemporary Romance)

Grant, Michael:

Gone (YA)

Gray, Ava:

Skin Game (Paranormal Romance)

Skin Heat (Paranormal Romance)

Greene, Jennifer:

Ain’t Misbehaving (Contemporary Romance)

Gruen, Sara:

Water for Elephants (Fiction)


Harper, Molly:

The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf (Contemporary/Paranormal Romance)

Harrington, Hannah:

Saving June (YA)

Harris, Charlaine:

Bacon (Urban Fantasy)

Harrison, Kim:

Pale Demon (Urban Fantasy)

Harrison, Michele:

The Thirteen Curses (YA)

Hawkins, Rachel:

Hex Hall (YA)

Heiber, Leanna Renee:

The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker (Paranormal Romance)

Higgins, Kristan

All I Ever Wanted (Contemporary Romance)

Hobson, M.K:

The Native Star (Fantasy/Steampunk Romance)

Hunter, Faith:

Signatures of the Dead (Urban Fantasy)


Ione, Larissa:

Sin Undone (Paranormal Romance)

Eternal Rider (Paranormal Romance)

Ives, Susanna:

Rakes and Radishes (Historical Romance) This was a DNF


Jeffries, Sabrina:

To Wed a Wild Lord (Historical Romance)



Jewell, Carolyn:

Indiscreet (Historical Romance)


Kantra, Virginia:

Shifting Seas (Historical Paranormal Romance)

Katherine, Anna:

Salt and Silver (Urban Fantasy)

Kawaga, Julie:

The Iron King (YA)

The Iron Daughter (YA)

Kendell, Beverly:

Sinful Surrender (Historical Romance)

A Taste of Desire (Historical Romance)

Kenyon, Sherrilyn:

Bad Moon Rising (Paranormal Romance)

Kleypas, Lisa:

Love in the Afternoon (Historical Romance)

Tempt Me at Twilight (Historical Romance)

Kinsale, Laura:

Flowers From The Storm (Historical Romance)

Kinsella, Sophie:

Twenties Girl (Chick Lit)

Kittredge, Caitlin:

Ginger (Urban Fantasy) This was a DNF.

Knight, Angela:

Blood and Roses (Paranormal Romance)

Koch, Gini:

Touched by An Alien (Sci-Fi Romance)

Alien Tango (Sci-Fi Romance)

Alien in the Family (Sci-Fi Romance)

Kowal, Mary Robinette:

Shades of Milk and Honey (Historical Fantasy Romance)


Lissner, Carren:

Carrie Pilby (YA)

Lofty, Carrie:

Scoundrel’s Kiss (Historical Romance)

Song of Seduction (Historical Romance)


Maclaine, Jenna:

Dark Sins (Urban Fantasy) This was a DNF.

MacLean, Sarah:

Ten Ways to Be Adored, When Landing a Lord (Historical Romance)

Mackenzie, Kasey:

Red Hot Fury (Urban Fantasy)

MacGregor, Trish.J:

Esperanza (Supernatural Thriller) This was a DNF

Mahy, Margaret:

The Changeover (YA)

Mallory, Anne:

One Night is Never Enough (Historical Romance)

Maverick, Liz:

Crimson and Steam (Urban Fantasy)

McDonald, L.J.:

The Battle Sylph (Fantasy Romance)

The Shattered Sylph (Fantasy Romance)

McGuirre, Seanen:

A Local Habitation (Urban Fantasy)

McKinley, Robin:

The Blue Sword (Science Fantasy)

The Hero and The Crown (Science Fantasy)

McMann, Lisa:

Wake (YA)

Mead, Richelle:

Spirit Bound (YA)

Milan, Courtney:

Proof by Seduction (Historical Romance)

Trial by Desire (Historical Romance)

Unveiled (Historical Romance)

Miller, Linda Lael:

McKettricks of Texas: Garret (Western Contemporary Romance)

Moning, Karen Marie:

Shadowfever (Urban Fantasy)

Moskowitz, Hannah:

Break (YA)

Moultan, Courtney Alisson:

Angelfire (YA)


Nantus, Sheryl:

Wild Cards and Iron Horses (Steampunk)

Naughton, Elizabeth:

Entwined (Paranormal Romance)

Naylus, Mary:

The Dresskeeper (YA) This was a DNF.

Neill, Chloe:

Firespell (YA)

Nevitt, Tia:

The Sevenfold Spell (Fantasy Romance)


Oliver, Lauren:

Delirium (YA)


Pang, Allison:

A Brush of Darkness (Urban Fantasy)

Parry, Bronwyn:

As Darkness Falls (Romantic Suspense)

Dark Country (Romantic Suspense)

Perkins, Stephanie:

Anna and the French Kiss (YA)

Pfeffer, Susan Beth:

This World We Live In (YA)

Phillips, Carly:

Kismet (Contemporary Romance)

Phillips, Christina:

Forbidden (Historical Erotic Magical Romance)

Preble, Joy:

Dreaming Anastasia (YA)

Purnhagen, Mara:

Tagged (YA)


Quinn, Julia:

What Happens in London (Historical Romance)

Ten Things I Love About You (Historical Romance


Rai, Alisha:

Veiled Desire (Erotic Romance)

Never Have I Ever (Paranormal Erotic Romance)

Reynolds, D.B:

Raphael (Urban Fantasy/Vampire Romance)

Roberts, Nora:

Bed of Roses (Contemporary Romance)

Happy Ever After (Contemporary Romance)

The Search (Contemporary/Suspense Romance)

Rogers, Moira:

Wilder’s Mate (Steampunk/Paranormal/Western)

Rustand, Roxanne:

Save the Last Dance (Contemporary Romance)


Schnyder, PJ:

Heart’s Sentinel (Paranormal Romance)

Schwartz, Jenny:

The Price of Freedom (Paranormal Romance)

Scott, Jessica:

Because of You (Contemporary/Suspense Romance)

Shalvis, Jill:

The Sweetest Thing (Contemporary Romance)

Sharron, L:

Amethyst Bound(Paranormal Romance)

Sheldon, Dyan:

My Worst Best Friend (YA)

Singh, Nalini:

Archangel’s Kiss (Urban Fantasy)

Archangel’s Consort (Urban Fantasy)

Play of Passion (Paranormal Romance)

Whisper of Sin (Paranormal Romance)

Kiss of Snow (Paranormal Romance)

Lord of the Abyss (Paranormal romance)

Singleton, Sarah:

The Island (YA)

Smith, Kathryn:

When Marrying a Scoundrel

Smith-Ready, Jeri:

Shade (YA)

Snyder, Maria.V.:

Storm Glass (YA)

Inside Out (YA)

Spencer, Jorrie:

Anchor (Paranormal Romance)

Stacey, Shannon:

Undeniably Yours (Contemporary Romance)

Stevens, Gabi:

The Wish List (Paranormal Romance)

Stiefvater, Maggie:

Shiver (YA)


Thompson, Vicki Lewis:

Claimed (Contemporary Western Romance)


Quinn, Julia:

What Happens in London (Historical Romance)

Ten Things I Love About You (Historical Romance)


Vaughan, Carrie:

Kitty Goes to War (Urban Fantasy)

Vaughan, Elizabeth:

Warcry (Fantasy Romance)


Walden, Heather Kilough

Avenger’s Angel (Paranormal Romance)

Walker, Shiloh:

A Forever Kind Of Love (Contemporary Romance)

Ward, J.R:

Dark Lover (Paranormal Romance)

Ware, Joss:

Night Betrayed (Romantic Suspense)

Westerfeld, Scott:

Leviathan (YA/Steampunk)

Wilson, CL.:

Queen of Song and Souls (Fantasy Romance)

Crown of Crystal Flame (Fantasy Romance)


Zink, Michelle:

Prophecy of the Sisters (YA)