Grading System

Since we started the blog, we didn’t give a great thought on the grade system we used. We decided on the 5 star rating system, and that was it.

But lately, we’ve discovered personally that the 5 star system doesn’t give great room for scope. We’re thinking of going down the grade route of A, B, C, D and so on. But before we changed anything, we wanted to ask those who read our reviews for your opinion, and find what type of review system you prefer.

So I’ve set up a poll for our readers, and for the readers who don’t read out site, if you could vote on what type of grading system you prefer, it would be much appreciated as it gives us more of an idea of what people prefer. Thanks all!


  1. Lou says

    I’m finding that the 5 star makes it limited when you want to give a review a minus grade. I think having a letter grade system makes it easier, and more clearer. And the 10 star rating gives too much room lol.

  2. SylviaSybil says

    10 stars is just confusing. I’d see a 4 star review and think it was a great book. I prefer the letter grades because it allows more flexibility without losing understandability.

  3. Lou says

    Thanks for your input, Sylvia. Much appreciated.

    That’s why we’re leaning towards letter grades. It does seems to have more flexibility, and it’s clear cut.

  4. Lou says

    Hey, Jackie. Thanks for your input! :)

    The allure of having a rating is because when I’m reading reviews, I know that a grade helps me make a final decision on whether to buy a book or not. The contents of the review – the likes and dislikes – is obviously a major factor, but with a grade system, I think it finalises what the reviewer thinks overall.

  5. SylviaSybil says

    @Jackie, Dear Author explains their rating system as how desperate they would be to get it back if it was missing. B review, would buy again. D review, want their money back. I love that explanation and find it very helpful to categorize how much I liked a book.



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