Fantasy Romance Month

Welcome to Fantasy Romance month here at The Book Pushers.

This month we are going to dedicate most of our reviews and posts to the Fantasy Romance genre. We LURVE fantasy romance, and we really want to highlight upcoming books, mention old favourites of ours, and just share our love for the magical genre.

Fantasy Romance is not as prominent as Paranormal and Urban Fantasy, and we want to highlight it because it’s given us some of our favourite series and books.

Fantasy Romance, we believe, takes you further into the imagination. When you have whole new worlds created, new races that have different beliefs and morals, the genre can be explored deeper as it’s not restricted by the customs of the world we live in. Fantasy Romance also has an epic tone to it that makes it so exciting, which can heighten the love story between the hero and heroine to a higher level. It takes you on a unique journey, and it takes you much further into the fantastical.

We have exciting guest posts this month, and some super fantabulous giveaways. We hope you’ll enjoy.

The Book Pushers


  1. SylviaSybil says

    Looking forward to this, I’ve got plenty of paranormals and urbans, let’s get some fantasy on my TBR.


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