Recent DNF from MinnChica

I try really, REALLY, hard to read each and every review book, especially if it’s one I requested. There is nothing I hate more in the world then finding a book I was interested about just doesn’t click with me. Whether it’s the author’s writing style or the characters or the overall plot, it makes […]

Review – Hard Case by Elizabeth Lapthorne


Review: Hard Case by Elizabeth Lapthorne Publisher: Totally Bound Publish Date: February 27, 2015 Reviewed by: Heller How I got this book: E-Arc from Publisher Troy has been recovering from an injury and is going crazy. Steven—one of the nurses helping him—has caught his attention in every way. When both men are dragged into a […]

Review Part 3: Celebrate! 2014 Advent Calendar by Various

Review Part 3: Celebrate! 2014 Advent Calendar by Various Publisher: Dreamspinner Publish Date: December 1, 2014 Reviewed by: Heller How I got this book: E-Arc from Publisher “Buone Feste, Felices Fiestas, Frohe Feiertage, Joyeuses Fêtes, Happy Holidays! The end-of-the-year holidays bring celebrations of all kinds, and romance is at an all-time high. Take a trip […]

Recent DNF Books

I’m the lone shark in the recent DNF books for this batch, or should I say singular? Ruin Me by Jamie Brenner. If there’s description for Ruin Me it’s called soap opera crack. I can’t think of any other description to describe this book. I managed to get halfway but the romance and descriptions of […]

Recent DNF books

Viper's Run

MinnChica: Vipers Run by Stephanie Tyler: I was pretty excited about reading this book, especially once I found out that Tyler was going to link this series with book from her SE Jakes penname. However, I think I just have to quit her. For whatever reason, her writing as Tyler just doesn’t work for me. […]

Recent DNF books

MinnChica: In an effort to save myself from “D” and “F” books, I’ve started giving myself permission to stop reading before a book is over. I don’t like doing it, but I just don’t have the time to read a book that I know I’m not going to like. Because of that, I’ve had a […]

Recent DNF

Here are just a few books that we’ve not finished lately:   Lou:   Kristan Higgins’ Somebody to Love When I first started reading it, I struggled at first because I didn’t know or catch the connection between all the characters. The heroine has two best friends, and they are married. Ethan is also the father […]

Recent DNF

Every now and then we come across a book that we didn’t like, or just couldn’t get through. Recently myself, E, Has and Lou all had one book that just didn’t quite do it for us.   The Duke is Mine by Eloisa James (read by MinnChica) Had a VERY hard time relating to both […]