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I’ve been an avid reader since my mid to late teens when I was introduced to my first romance book, The Most Marvelous Summer by Betty Neels. My Grandmother then introduced me to my first fantasy book, By the Sword by Mercedes Lackey. I admit I started reading By the Sword and after a while I had to put it down. I had a hard time following the story. So I went back to getting my hands on my Gran’s copies of her Harlequin romances — including some real oldies by Margaret Way. After reading those I wanted to try By the Sword again and this time I didn’t put the book down until I finished the last page.

That right there was the start of my love affair with books. I soon read most of the Valdermar series and then moved on to the Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. And who can forget the unforgettable Dragonflight with Fl’ar and Lessa *grins*. But whilst I loved the fantasy worlds, I realised that I wanted more romance in my reading. So once again, my awesome Gran lent me her copy of Homeport by Nora Roberts. And yup, another affair started. My love of all Nora Roberts books. For me, she is the queen of romance. Time and time again, no matter what type of genre she writes in, her romances are always the focus and central part to the story.

My favourite genres these days are Historical and Contemporary romance, and Contemporary YA. And some of my favourite and auto-buy authors are Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas, Courtney Milan and Stephanie Perkins.

I’m always on the look out for new contemporary romance books so bring on your recommendations if you have any.

Happy Reading!

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I hail in Merry olde Englande, and I am totally addicted to books. My first real book that hooked me to the love of reading was The Neverending story which I think is quite apt because my love of books is neverending. I can’t remember the first ever Romance book, but I do know it was a Harlequin Historical and I soon got the bug and devoured most of the romances I could find in my library. Ever since then I am a voracious reader of Romance, UF, Paranormal Romance and YA, and I also like to read fantasy and scifi (although I prefer them having a core romance or subplot). My all-time favourite authors are, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Tamora Pierce, Ann Aguirre, Nalini Singh, Linda Howard, Lisa Kleypas and J.D Robb.

I have also recently discovered and loved newbie authors like Thea Harrison and Veronica Roth, where I got that giddy feeling of discovering an autobuy author, and it is a feeling I would love to experience again and again. I am also a geek who loves all things sci fi and cult, and have an unfortunate ability to come across the brain bleach links (I really don’t go looking for these things – honest!). I hope my reviews will help to pass on the love of books that I have to others especially about the books and authors I love!

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I am E_bookpushers and I am addicted to books. I have to thank my mother for my addiction because one of my fondest memories involves bedtime stories. No, I am not talking about Dr. Seuss, Bernstein Bears or Madeline, those were daytime learn to read books, but I am talking about Tolkien, Richard Adams and Asimov… She also encouraged me to get my own library card as soon as I could write. I do not know what deal she struck with the local librarians but I was allowed to check out any book I wanted without any questions. If I read something I didn’t understand she allowed me to ask her, and she explained without embarrassment, shock, horror or disgust.

My first adult science fiction/fantasy book I read, she had checked out of the library and I thought the cover and title sounded interesting. Some of you have probable heard of it THE WHITE DRAGON by Anne McCaffrey. In fact the first adult romance I read was also my mother’s. Now this one I snuck because the cover to my young eyes was something people didn’t do outside in public. I mean a clinch with flowing hair and overflowing bosoms. That book was the hardback of A ROSE IN WINTER by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. I still re-read those titles on a regular basis along with Julie Garwood’s THE BRIDE, which happened to be the first romance novel I bought.

Thanks to my mother’s open mindedness I did not grow up a genre snob. While I tend to read and enjoy SF/F in its various permutations, romance and its sub-genres I also read and enjoy westerns, murder mysteries etc. If a book can capture my attention, spark my imagination; carry me into a different world/reality than I am willing to give it a try. So bring on your recommendations so I can update my TBR list.

Happy reading!

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I live in Southern Arizona with my husband, two dogs, and cat. I’m an animal lover and obsessive reader. You can usually find me with my nose in a book (or my nook), and I can ALWAYS find a few minutes to read: stuck at a red light, sitting in the doctors office, or on my lunch break. I’m so addicted to reading that my family frequently threatens to give me an intervention.

I loved to read as a kid, but fell out of the habit in my teenage years. When a good friend of mine in college started loaning me books I apparently HAD TO READ, I quickly got back into the habit. Patricia Briggs and her Mercy Thompson Series, along with L.A. Banks’ Vampire Huntress Series were the two that really sucked me back in and had me making four times a week stops at my local library.

Nowadays I’ve broadened my reading genres and frequently go outside of my comfort zone of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. I’ve discovered a love of all things Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Smut, Suspense and Mystery. Plus, if a book has strong romantic elements, it’s pretty much a guarantee I’ll pick it up and a least give it a try. I’m not a huge fan of Young Adult books, but I have found a few that are able to keep my interest.

You can come hang out with me at Twitter or Goodreads, and be sure to send me your books suggestions!!

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Like my fellow Book Pushers, I started out as a young reader. The public library served as a refuge for me. We always had books around the house and my first “big girl” series were the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Nancy Drew series by Carolyn Keene. I took to the classics early, starting with Little Women by Louisa May Alcott which acted as the springboard to Charlotte Bronte, Frank L. Baum, Charles Dickens, Emily Dickinson, and Mark Twain to name just a few. I’m sure there were complexities to these novels that my young brain missed during those first readings, however I think these early experiences instilled a lasting love of language and prose. My initial impressions of any novel I read, regardless of genre, focus on the writing style/use of language and the author’s voice.

In 1977, something truly mind altering happened: Star Wars. Never before had my imagination visualized anything close to what I witnessed on that big screen. I slept with the book under my pillow. Listened to the orchestral score over and over. I hadn’t known such subject matter existed, but I knew I wanted more. Shortly after, I read The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series by J.R.R. Tolkien, followed closely by Dragonriders of Pern and The Brain & Brawn Ship series by Anne McCaffrey and The Mists of Avalon by MZB. These experiences forever altered my reading preferences as they opened me to the world of magical and faraway places. My first genre love remains solidly fixed in SciFi/Fantasy.

As a newly twenty-something adult, I found the Historical Romance genre. And for a time, I glommed these books with a voracious appetite, not gonna lie. Woodiwiss, Deveraux, McNaught, Lindsey…sigh. And with these books, another shift in reading habits. Now I wanted stories that focused on character development and relationships. Oh, I still wanted action and epicness and magic and faraway places, but I also wanted romance to factor into the story as well. Fast forward to my love of Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Romantic Suspense.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying the Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic scene. I’ve recently dipped my toes into New Adult, although this can sometimes be hit or miss for me — too much melodramatic angst can be a turnoff. While I’ve mostly moved away from Historical (Regency/Victorian) Romance, I do like Historicals set in other time periods, especially with a strong, independent heroine — if it has a supernatural twist, all the better:-)

But really, at the end of the day, I’ll read just about anything when the writing style speaks to me. So feel free to hit me up with suggestions!

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I have been a reader for as long as I can remember, but the access to books has not always been present for me. I learned to read Braille when I was two, and was hooked up to the National Library Service for the Blind (NLS) shortly after. I devoured books as a child, although Braille and books on cassettes provided by NLS were years behind current publishing trends. That certainly did not deter me, however. I was voracious in what I read and happily shared my thoughts with anyone who would listen.

Then came the fateful day that a book I read contained a curse word. I was shocked! Mortified! I didn’t know people talked like that in books. I asked my teacher about it and she promptly took the book away. I learned a valuable lesson that day. One, just because a book contains something I may not have encountered, it’s still perfectly readable. Two, never discuss books with anyone lest they be taken away.

While I never had the experience of sneaking my mom’s novels or peeking at salacious book covers, NLS didn’t realize my age and started sending me romances. The first romance I ever read was Johanna Lindsey’s Once a Princess when I was eleven. I thought it was the most amazing book. Nothing I read before even came close to the adventure that unfolded. If you have never read it, it is filled to the brim with bodice-ripping goodness that left me giggling and shocked. After that, I had a steady diet of romances, epic fantasy, and a few classics.

Fast-forward to the present day. The Internet has opened up avenues of reading that I never thought could be possible. Now that the Kindle and Nook apps for my iPhone are accessible with Apple’s screen reader, I can read books on the same day that they come out instead of having to wait for months, or years. I discovered that I wasn’t the only one who loves romance and the happily-ever-after, and that there was a vibrant, passionate readership out there.

I love Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, Lauren Dane, Sharon Sala, Zane, Catherine Anderson, Mariah Stewart, Lisa Jackson, Karen Rose, Nalini Singh, Marjorie M. Liu, Dee Henderson, Dee Davis, and so many other wonderful authors. I have a lot of favorite tropes, the top of my list being the broken heroine who finds her strength and purpose throughout the story. I love just about any setting as long as it is not Regency England, and I’m willing to be challenged on that. My favorite sub genres are Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance, and I am slowly easing into Science-Fiction and Inspirational Romance. I experiment with other sub-genres often, so I am always up for recommendations. You should be warned, though: I have a deep, unnatural and slightly obsessive love for all things Western. Bring me your cowboys and your sheriffs from the 1800’s. I need them in my life! That, and Navy SEALs!

I’m so thrilled to be a part of the team at The Book Pushers, and feel blessed beyond measure that I live during an age that hundreds of thousands of books are at my fingertips. As you can tell, I am no longer afraid to talk about books!

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Hi, I’m Marlene and I’m a biblioholic. I fully admit that I’m addicted to reading. And caffeine. Not necessarily in that order. (Instant human, just add tea. Or Diet Coke) I currently live in Atlanta with my husband and the three cats who own us, but we are professional nomads. In the last 15 years, we’ve moved from Chicago to Anchorage (Alaska) to Tallahassee (FL) back to Chicago to Gainesville (FL) to Atlanta to Seattle to Atlanta. We used to have over 4,000 books. But we started the big switch to ebooks a few years ago, and I’ve become a major ebook advocate, so we’re down to 2,500. What do I read? I started with The Lord of the Rings and Star Trek and Pern, but now, I’ll read anything with a really good story.

I still love science fiction and fantasy (I get a membership in Worldcon every year just to vote on the Hugos!) but I also read mysteries, especially historical mysteries, and I love romance. But I really go for the things in the spaces in between, so science fiction romance, and urban fantasy and paranormal romance and steampunk absolutely float my boat. And I don’t just read great stories, I play RPG videogames like Final Fantasy and Dragon Age because I love being inside the story. And I’m not just an amateur book pusher, I’m a professional. I’m a librarian!
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Hello, hello, hello! I am a refugee from the tragically defunct Book Lovers Inc. A snarky dragon book lover who has found herself marooned in The Arctic Tundra thanks to the general state of the U.S. economy. But don’t worry about me! I have fingerless gloves and the accompanying dexterity necessary to turn pages. I started reading novels in second grade when my parents grounded me from TV. By third grade they were grounding me from books.

Some would describe me as obsessive with my books. But have some people ever tried to annotate Jane Lindskold’s Brother To Dragons, Companion to Owls? ….

Some people might have a point.

I almost exclusively read speculative fiction. I’m pretty open-minded within the genre, giving my attention equally to science fiction, fantasy, horror, urban fantasy, and YA – but I generally need a fantastical or speculative element to reel me in. Favorite authors include Sheri Tepper, Terry Pratchett, Connie Willis, Mira Grant, Robin McKinley, Phillip Pullman, Doris Egan, Maria V. Snyder, Adam Troy Castro, Marie Brennan, Kage Baker….oh wait, those are just authors I can see from this corner of my room. I’ll get back to you on the favorite authors. Maybe if I narrowed it down by subgenre….

I am the Alaskan Delegate to this International Book Congress. (FYI, to non-USians in the audience, a delegate is a non-voting member of Congress. Much like a Guest Reviewer. They have the power to vote on their particular assignments, but no sway over general policy.) Yes, I also happen to be a huge socio-political nerd. How did you guess?