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Fantasy Celebration: Review – Spindle’s End by Robin McKinley

Publisher: Ace Books Publish Date: 2000 How I got this book: Purchased All the creatures of forest, field and riverbank knew the baby was special. She was the princess Briar-Rose, cursed by the evil fairy Pernicia on her name-day. But Katriona stole her away to the small village where Kat lives with her aunt, and […]

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Review – Heart Thief by Robin D. Owens

Publisher: Berkley Sensations Publish Date: 2003 How I got this book: Purchased The story of a man without psi powers on a world where they’re prized. An outcast, Ruis must overcome all society to survive, pursue his passion for restoring ancient Earth technology, and win his love — Judge Ailim D’SilverFir. This blurb came from […]

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Fantasy Celebration: Guest Post & Giveaway with Pati Nagle

Today we have one of my favorite fantasy romance authors, Pati Nagle here to talk to us about her fantasy worlds.  Welcome Pati!   Thanks for inviting me to be a guest!  I’m delighted to share some thoughts about writing fantasy with your readers. My newest novel, Swords Over Fireshore, is the third book in […]

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Joint Review – Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan

Publisher: Penguin Publish Date: Out Now! How we got this book: purchased She must choose between her people and her freedom… Xylara is the Daughter of the Warrior King, Xyron. With her father dead and her incompetent half-brother on the throne, the kingdom is in danger of falling to the warring Firelanders. Before she was […]