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Joint Review – Don’t Let Go (Hope #6) by Jaci Burton

Reviewed by: E & Marlene E: Somehow over the blur of the last 1.5 ~ 2 years I missed most of Burton’s Hope series. When I received this in the mail and early in the text spotted a reference I remembered from Twitter, I thought this had potential to be a story I could sink […]

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Joint Review: Allegiance of Honor (Psy-Changeling #15) by Nalini Singh

Reviewed by E, Has and Marlene BP Note: Over the years we have developed a standard format we use whenever we review a book which has three or more reviewers and we think it gives each of us a chance to voice our opinion without writing a novel. In this particular case, we have changed […]

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Joint Review: Assassin Queen (Majat Code #3) by Anna Kashina

Reviewed by E and Marlene E: I absolutely fell in love with this series and Kashina’s writing with the first installment of the Majat Code that I reviewed with Marlene. We both enjoyed it and subsequently reviewed the second book as well. It was a very happy day in my life when I received an […]

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Joint Review: Lost Heart (Celta’s Heartmates) by Robin D. Owens

Reviewed by: E and Marlene E: I was browsing author websites looking for upcoming releases as I tend to do on a monthly basis when I saw Owens talking about a recently released novella. Shocked because I usually keep track of her publication dates I did a bit more research and discovered she had self-published […]

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Joint Review: The Devil You Know (McKenna Brothers #2) by Jo Goodman

Reviewed by: E, Lou, Marlene 1. Thoughts on the Hero E: I really got the impression Israel was an anti-hero. While he claimed he didn’t know or remember what happened to bring him to Willa’s attention, he knew he customarily let people down and therefore she shouldn’t trust him. Yet as the story progressed he […]

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Joint Review – Ghost Talker (Ghost Seer #4) by Robin D. Owens

Reviewed by E and Marlene Marlene: I picked this up because I usually love Robin D. Owens’ writing, and so far, the Ghost Seer series has definitely NOT been the exception. I’ve reviewed every book in the series here at the Book Pushers, with one or more cohorts in crime, and have enjoyed every book, […]