Borders does Ebooks and Fails!

Much to my surprise, I clicked on the Borders UK website this morning, and saw a category for ebooks. My response: ‘Oooo, finally! This is good. More selection perhaps for us UK buyers.’ *Scrolls down for the romance section, and clicks* *head desk* ‘Noooooooo! Why Borders, why? Why do you do a Waterstones, and not […]

Winner of the Maya Banks giveaway is…

VARG! Congratulations Varg, you were the random winner selected by I made a list in order of time, from the entrants in Hurog and the blog. Varg, you can contact me with your addy details either on Hurog, or by sending it to bookpushersanonymous (at) gmail (dot) com

My first eva’ Mills and Boon.

The Most Marvellous Summer. That was my first introduction to Mills and Boon. I can remember it vividly. I was fifteen years of age, and was staying with my Grandparents for two weeks while I did Work Experience for school. At that time, I was firmly a Sci-Fantasy girl. Reading romance never even crossed my […]