My first eva’ Mills and Boon.

The Most Marvellous Summer. That was my first introduction to Mills and Boon. I can remember it vividly. I was fifteen years of age, and was staying with my Grandparents for two weeks while I did Work Experience for school. At that time, I was firmly a Sci-Fantasy girl. Reading romance never even crossed my mind. I was immersed in the worlds of Mercedes Lackey and Anne McCaffrey.

From time to time at my Grandparents house, I got bored. What does one bored fifteen year old girl do at 7pm at night, away from friends? I snooped. I raided the back-room, looking in each drawer and cupboard, tip toeing so the floorboards wouldn’t creak. I didn’t have a clue what I was looking for, but they always had pretty neat stuff laying around.

Anyway, coming up blank on my snooping, I returned to the bedroom and flopped back onto the bed. It felt like my brain was on the verge of combustion due to extreme boredom. I flopped my head dramatically on the pillow, and turned side ways. I spotted a book tucked away on the side table. It was very small, and looked very unappealing. I read the title and author:

A Most Marvellous Summer by Betty Neels.

Betty Neels is my comfort read, especially if it’s been a shitty day. The lack of physical love making in her books has never bothered me. Even now in my early twenties, her books still give me that ‘feel good’ feeing. I like me some sex in my books, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes you crave something that is old and delivers comfort.

The Most Marvellous Summer remains one of my favourites of the late Betty, maybe because it was my first. I can say the same of Homeport by Nora Roberts. Favourite book, and first of La Nora.

As it’s been noted that Harlequin has been doing pretty good in the sales department, despite the credit crunch, I’m going to give away two paperback Harlequin titles by Maya Banks, and because Maya rocks!

To enter, comment and tell me: What was your first eva’ Harlequin/romance book?

It’s open to everyone, and the winner will be announced next Wednesday, 13th May at 11:00pm GMT.

Good luck!

Edit: Also allowing users from the Hurog message board to enter.

Edit: Whoops, forgot to close it. Contest is now closed, and will post winner soon.

5 thoughts on “My first eva’ Mills and Boon.”

  1. goddesssaint

    Another redesign 😀

    I don't remember my first one but I do recall discovering them at the library, at the local military base. I was a lucky child, able to haunt the school library, town library and the base library. Heaven!!

    I do remember that Betty Neels was an early find, no doubt because she was so prolific. 😀 There was a sameness to her stories; she stuck to her formula but whenever my life was crap, I counted on that very fact.

  2. You know I love a good giveaway. I've read Maya Banks other books so I have to say I'm definitely curious about these.

    Oh…and I approve your mad love for the Betty. 😉

  3. Does "Desiree" (Annemarie Selinko) counts?
    Only romance I've found in books was part of science fiction or fantasy.
    But I love a good giveaway, too.

  4. My first romance book was something from Charlotte Lamb, but I just don't remember the title

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