How We Fell in Love with Reading and Our Favorite Authors and Recommendations #Haleno #bloggerblackout

As part of the Blogger Blackout in response to #haleno we have gone quiet over the past few days although things will be back to normal tomorrow! But we thought we would post something positive and to show our love of reading and authors we have come across over the years that have given us […]

Our reply to Ellora’s Cave’s recent actions

**Update at the bottom of this post** This post is written with some of our collective voices. It’s been a crazy time these past few days. Jane from Dear Author is being sued by Ellora’s Cave. Ellora’s Cave is suing Jane after she posted this very informative and well written post about Ellora’s Cave and […]

Childhood Reads and nostalgia

I have two series from when I was a kid that is firmly stuck in my memories–and probably will continue to do so for the rest of my life. There’s something about those childhood series that make you wary of reading them as an adult in case they don’t stack up, and in the process […]

Our Reading Quirks – Part Two

What reading quirk do you have that you really wish you didn’t? Meka: I don’t like reading the first book of a series when the second has not come out yet. Years ago, I read an awesome paranormal romance novel about a witch who was going back to her hometown where a vicious crime had […]

Soap Box Time: A Reviewer’s Manifesto

This is a reviewer’s manifesto: A reviewer should review a product honestly. A review is subjective. The world won’t end when a book doesn’t work for the reviewer. A reviewer is not held to post or like reviews on every site known to man, google and the NSA. A reviewer who blogs about books shouldn’t set […]