Our Reading Quirks – Part Two

What reading quirk do you have that you really wish you didn’t? Meka: I don’t like reading the first book of a series when the second has not come out yet. Years ago, I read an awesome paranormal romance novel about a witch who was going back to her hometown where a vicious crime had […]

Soap Box Time: A Reviewer’s Manifesto

This is a reviewer’s manifesto: A reviewer should review a product honestly. A review is subjective. The world won’t end when a book doesn’t work for the reviewer. A reviewer is not held to post or like reviews on every site known to man, google and the NSA. A reviewer who blogs about books shouldn’t set […]

Comfort Reads – When do they change?

Whenever I get into a “mood” I find that I have a tendency to turn towards some of my comfort reads. The unexpected thing about me and my moods is that I never really know which of my comfort books I’m going to turn too. Lately I’ve been feeling so tired. Between the baby and […]