Idiotic ideas. Seriously!

When Has showed me the link, my immediate thought was: Your ass is gonna get sued!

Russet Noon- the tribute sequel to Breaking Dawn!

My immediate thought now:  Yup, you’re still gonna get your ass sued!

Has – Update: It looks like Lady Sybillia has either got a strongly worded cease and decease letter from Stephanie Meyer’s and her publisher’s lawyers, or the backlash from Twilight fans have made her realised she cant profit on a published author’s work.

But it looks like she’s canning the whole idea or will actually post the whole thing for free. She should have done the latter in the first place, and its not like other authors haven’t written fanfiction before. But to profit from something like this is going to stick at peoples’ craw, plus it goes against the whole fandom thing. Fanfiction is written for fans by fans, and you don’t ever profit from it. Although I am not a fan of the Twilight series, fans shouldn’t take advantage of something they have no right in profiting on. However I have a funny feeling that similar cases will prop up in the future especially for popular series like Twilight and Harry Potter.

3 thoughts on “Idiotic ideas. Seriously!”

  1. If she was just posting it as fan fiction, then it would have been okay. But to make money off of this…she's definitely going to get sued.

    ~ Popin

  2. I agree.

    I know this sort of thing has happened regarding J.K Rowling, but I believe they were all shot down by her lawyers. This will probably end in the same way.

  3. I totally agree but what is funny and insane is her justification that because the characters/books have hit the public sphere with huge popularity she thinks she is able to get away with it. Overall she is definitely going to get sued but I think it will hit the genunine fans as well as giving the whole fandom out to profit on other authors works, and to me that is not what fandom is about.

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