Blue Diablo Giveaway!

I had the great pleasure of spending several hours this weekend enjoying Blue Diablo by Ann Aguirre. Since I was lucky enough to have two copies, I decided to pay it forward and put a copy up as a prize for a contest, and share Corine Solomon’s world with another person.

This contest will closeat 7:00 PM EST Monday, 20th April 09 and is only open in the United States. To enter leave a comment responding to the following:

If you had to leave your home and life behind and start over, what country would you pick and how would you earn your living?

20 thoughts on “Blue Diablo Giveaway!”

  1. Megan Frampton

    I would move to England, too, where my pale skin and bad teeth would blend in. I would probably work at a pub, 'cause I love beer. Even warm beer.

  2. Well, since my husband is from England originally and his family is still there it would be easiest to love to England but, I would also consider moving to Ireland. I would work as a catalog librarian (which is what I do now, I love it).

  3. I would move to the Caucausus Mountain Range, possibly buying Vlad Tepes castle, which I would use as B&B though it would, in reality, be my base for hunting creatures of the dark. I would befriend at last one such creature and ask to get in on his hedge fund.

    Either that or Scotland.

  4. Well, I am already out of the country, but I think it might be nice to live in Spain for a while.

  5. I'd move to Amsterdam and run a B&B / coffee house / writer's (and other artists') retreat. But I'd take frequent and long vacations somewhere warm that smells of coconuts because it's c-c-c-cold in Amsterdam.

  6. I'd have to toss out two, and which I'd choose would depend on the world at the moment.

    1. I'd move to a Central American country. During the day, I'd serve alcoholic beverages in coconuts to happy, drunk tourists. At night, I would dress in weird costumes and run around the woods on a horse, all to stir up rumors and new myths.

    2. I'd find a cabin in the mountains and live off the land, venturing into town once a week to get my Internets fix…and procure Splenda.

  7. Hmm, I'd probably disappear into the Canadian Wilderness and possibly be an Ice Road Trucker… which means I could work four to six months out of the year on one of the most dangerous jobs in the world (it made the tv show) and live the rest of the time doing whatever the hell I wanted.

    And yeah… I have a CDL. 🙂

  8. I would go somewhere warm, like Hawaii. I think I would like to work with children in some capacity.

    God Bless,
    Rhonda :0)

  9. I would move to Italy meet a handsome italian guy with an accent.(Italian accents are sooo hot!!) We'd have 8 kids, I'd have a great figure and I'd be the family neurologist. I would then luxuriate in the awesomeness of my life.

  10. I would move to France, I guess. I can speak some of the language and would learn more quickly. I would also stick with my career path of working in a hospital laboratory.

  11. It would just be so, so exciting to consolidate all of my savings, rock up at the airport, and buy a ticket on the next flight. People have always made disparaging remarks about planning, so why not step into the unknown with nothing but a backpack full of clean underwear and see where the hell it takes me?

    But I would have to take my dog. I could leave my life with the barest of thoughts for my loved ones, but I could never, ever, ever leave her, and if that's what it would take to win a copy of this book, I DON'T BLOODY WANT IT! :'(

  12. I would want to have a home base in the US – somewhere remote – and a home in London (loved it there!) with a job as an extensively traveling food writer. Being paid to try food, write, and travel.. yup, that would be a dream job.

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