UK Ebook Retailers

I was going to write a long post on why they are very poor compared to the US sites, but I’m going to make it sweet and short.

UK ebook retail sites = over priced, poor choice of genre books, and did I mention over priced?

With the US now implementing geographical restrictions, I’m getting frustrated with ebooks on the whole. I love my Sony Reader, but I’ve been buying a lot more paperbacks lately because they are not available or are inaccessible to me.

But, these sites I find to be pretty much a shining beacon:

Harlequin Ebookstore World Digital rights-no geographical restrictions
Samhain Publishing World Digital rights- no geographical restrictions
Whsmith Ebookshop Quite cheap compared to other UK sites.

And, here are some sites that offer free ebooks, legally:
Baen Library
Harlequin Celebrates

4 thoughts on “UK Ebook Retailers”

  1. ugh, geographical restrictions on ebooks makes sense and hurts my brain at the same time.

    Alas for restricting the interwebs…

  2. Thank you so much Jo, for the twitter and the blog award. I've popped over and commented.:D

    Julie, the whole not being able to get the ebooks makes me want to yell very loudly. I shall refrain myself from doing so. Though, it's mighty tempting- especially when I receive offers via email from these sites.

  3. Erotic Horizon

    Thanks Hon.
    I am a ebook fan – but i totally agree, with you, it's getting crazy to find the books you want without a ton load of red tape…

    Thanks for the site recommendation..


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