Old Style Covers

So, tonight, I decided to route around in my old collection of Mill’s and Boons and I noticed I have never really looked at the covers. These are artist drawings – not the real life models they use today. I noticed some that made me giggle. Take for instance this guy:

The pure white hair and black as midnight eyebrows. Yeah, he’s scaring me bigtime. Here is a close up:

Heh. Definitely has the devil winged thing going on.

Then I came across this:

You see what I’m seeing?:

Simon Cowell Trouser Man!

And this one:

The classic windblown hair…indoors.

This one I find to be very pretty and elegant:

Close up:

I have to admit, I do have a fondness for these covers. They have their own individuality stamped onto them – good and bad. **grins**

2 thoughts on “Old Style Covers”

  1. Are you saying you don't carry a wind machine around with you to give that wind-blown look whenever you need it? 😉

  2. Heh! **grins**

    I should buy one though. You can never get enough of the windblown look.

    Though I could easily stand on one of the mountains where I live and let the wind do it's thing.

    I can be at one with nature at the same time. 😉

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