Giveaway & Interview with Ilona Andrews – Part Two: Kate Daniels and Magic Mourns

We are back for part two in our interview with the awesome, Ilona Andrews. This portion of the interview focuses on the Kate Daniels series, but don’t forget about On The Edge which will be released this Tuesday. And below this interview, we do have a pretty awesome giveaway. The interview below does relate to scenes that have happened in the Kate Daniels series, so a friendly warning for those who haven’t read the books yet.

Bookpushers: Ilona, the readers of the Kate Daniel series seem to have this obsession about the hot tub scene in Magic Strikes. You mentioned in a discussion on another website, that it was the hardest scene to write because you had to stay true to the characters. So, any more tub action? *eyebrows waggle in unison*

Ilona: Well since Curran dies in the next book, I think I’m making my address unlisted.

Bookpushers: *All eyebrows immediately stop wagging and fierce frowning commences*

Ilona: It will be okay. I was just kidding. There is no hot tub in the next KD book. Or is there? Muhahahahahahahaha!

Bookpushers: You have a lot of side characters that have popped up in the Kate Daniels’ books. Is there any information/gossip that has gone on with these characters in-between books?

Ilona: Yes. The world doesn’t really remain static. For example, Aunt B and Mahon each watched Kate and Curran tango, and came to opposite conclusions. Aunt B thinks it’s love, Mahon thinks it’s momentary obsession that will pass. The conclusions are reached off screen, but both alphas act on them in KD 4.

Bookpushers: With Curran breaking and entering into Kate’s place, there is an almighty important question that we think needs to be asked. Did he eat all of the apple pie while Kate was sleeping? And what else did he get up to?

Ilona: Yes he did. He did eat the apple pie. Curran doesn’t technically do the crippy “watch her as she sleeps” thing.

He walks in, makes sure she’s okay, and walks out. That time he walked in, she wasn’t there. He checked the fridge, because one time he checked it and there was nothing in there. (Kate was invited to a dinner by Derek that weekend. Very mysterious, considering Derek’s cooking is not what you would call gourmet) So Curran checks the fridge habitually, sees the pie, and eats it.

Bookpushers: Lets talk about the LOL Curran phenomenon. Are you surprised by how popular it has become?

Ilona: Yes. I’m endlessly surprised by the popularity of the books and the reader reactions to them. It seems that when people get into the world, they really get into it.

Bookpushers: That’s understandable. Curran is one of those characters that can be LOL captioned.

Ilona: Well, he is so powerful and so arrogant. How can you not make fun of him a little bit?

Bookpushers: Now…speaking of fun things to read. How did the Curran POV snippets come to life?

Ilona: Like this:

Me: Darling, please write the snippet from Curran’s POV for the fans.

Gordon: Hrhrrhm.

Me, two days later: Please?

Gordon: Okay, I’ll do it.

Me, two days later: Snippet?

Gordon: I remember.

Me, two days later: The competition ends in 24 hours.

Gordon, sigh: Type type type type: I sent it to you.

Bookpushers: What other myth(s) are you planning to use in future books?

Ilona: The short story with Kate and Saiman is using Russian myths. KD 4 will be relying on Jewish mythology and Babylonian legends.

Bookpushers: How were you approached for the anthology and did you have Magic Mourns (Raphael’s and Andrea’s story) written already – or was it written specifically for Must Love Hellhounds?

Ilona: Well, my editor was notified that there was an anthology and she called my agent and the agent called me, and I said yes. The story was written specifically for the anthology. I think those two deserved some screen time.

Bookpushers: What attracts Raphael to Andrea – since most of the Bouda’s “go” for him?

Ilona: Andrea is not like other boudas. She’s disciplined, focused, and rational. She is also very alpha, even if she herself doesn’t quite realize it. Raphael never met anyone quite like her and she won’t give him the time of day. That’s part of the attraction.

Bookpushers: Kate and Andrea BFF – In Urban Fantasy, its rare to see a female friendship like that, although its great to see, especially as it helps to open Kate up which we saw in Magic Strikes. Good to see a positive friendship in that light.

Ilona: Of course you have to have friends, male or female.

The genre expectation is often that of an urban fantasy protagonist being surrounded by men and no women – no competition. The men have to fall for her, because she is the “only” female in the narrative.

But really, a strong female character would make friends among other women.

Bookpushers: As part of that friendship, what made you decide to develop that crazy aunt relationship between Julie and Kate?

Ilona: Well, Julie needs Kate. She needs someone to look after her. As the Little Prince said, we’re responsible for those we tame. Now Kate is responsible for Julie, but she can’t and doesn’t want to replace Julie’s mother. That leaves us with a crazy aunt option.

Bookpushers: The comparison between writing KD’s and Andrea’s voices with Kate (first person) and Andrea (also, first person). Did you find it difficult to get into the POV with in the same series?

Ilona: No, not at all. Kate is a wild card, but Andrea is a cop. She sounds like a cop, she thinks like a cop, and so on. She was much easier to write than Kate.

Bookpushers: Ok, our very last question. With the popularity that Nick has gained amongst readers, is there a possibility of a Nick spin off? If not, a short story like Andrea and Raphael? Or just have his story told in the Kate books?

Ilona: The possibility of a spin off always exists. But it is always up to the publisher. If the publisher chooses to purchase a Nick spin off, we’ll gladly do it.

And that concludes the end of the interview, but the fun doesn’t stop. We are having a cracking giveaway for you lovely readers out there. Over all, we will be giving away:

  • Main winner: A copy of: On The Edge and Must Love Hellhounds
  • Four runners up: A copy of: On The Edge

All you have to do is leave a comment in the field, but there are going to be rules because of past problems with winners not contacting us. So, please read before entering.

RULES: The giveaway is open internationally and will be open until: Saturday, 3rd of October. We will be announcing the winners somewhere around: Sunday, 4th of October.

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So, with that. Good luck, everyone.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Update: Giveaway is now closed. What a great turn out. Thanks everyone! I’ll announcing and notifying the winners later on tonight.

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    Great interview!

    It makes me wonder, did Mahon ever have a mate?

    I find it interesting that he could raise Curran, seen him with his various girlfriends and not see Curran treats Kate differently. Even Aunt B believed, back in book 2, that Curran's intentions might be more than a causal relationship.

    Curran goes berserk and leads a rescue effort — and to Mahon, that's just an obsession. What does Curran have to do to convince him, marry the woman?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But seriously. Wow. Poor Curran. Poor Kate. The one person I thought who would have seen a deeper connection…Mahon.

    Of course, if Mahon's right…than Curran is a jerk and there will be a huge outcry from the fans. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Great interview – Ms. Andrews' sense of humor comes through with her answers – I smiled alot while reading this interview. Thank you both!

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