Interview with Nalini Singh

We would like to give a big warm welcome to the lovely Nalini Singh. Nalini has reached NY Times Best Seller status with her latest book in her Paranormal Romance series, Psy-Changeling, which consists of:

1. Slave to Sensation (2006)
2. Visions of Heat (2007)
3. Caressed By Ice (2007)
4. Mine to Possess (2008)
5. Hostage to Pleasure (2008)
6. Branded by Fire (2009)
7. Blaze of Memory (2009)

8. Bonds of Justice (coming July 2010)

Nalini is also the creator of the Guild Hunter series that features Archangels, angels, vampires and a kick-ass heroine. A pretty fantabulous combination if we do say so ourselves. This series consists off:

Short story prequel: Angels’ Pawn (2009)
1. Angels’ Blood (2009)
Short Story in Must Love Hell Hounds anthology: Angels’ Judgment (September 2009)
2. Archangel’s Kiss (February, 2010)

With Archangel’s Kiss’ release date coming up soon, we’d thought we start the interview off with questions about the Guild Hunters.

Book Pushers: Nalini, how many more books will there be in the Guild Hunter series, and where did you find your inspiration for this new world?

Nalini: At present, the series is contracted up to book #4. However, it is an open-ended series, so there could be several more books 🙂

As for inspiration–I just saw this image in my mind one day of an archangel high in tower above New York and immediately wondered who he was, what he was doing there. And that’s how it began. I sat down and started writing and the story flowed from page to page to page.

Book Pushers: Would these possible future books in the Guild Hunter series feature characters that we have seen in Angel’s Blood, or/and may appear in Archangels Kiss? And if so, do you have a favourite character that your’re itching to explore and write about?

Nalini: Yes, definitely. I would love to write about so many of the characters, explore who they are, learn their secrets. Right now, Illium, Dmitri and Jason are at the forefront in terms of characters whose stories I’m beginning to glimpse, but the rest of the Seven are also intriguing, as are Elena’s hunter friends, especially Ransom and Ashwini (and Janvier of course!).

Book Pushers: Will the third book focus on Elena and Raphael, or do you have other characters in mind? If so, will you be able to tell us who?

Nalini: I’ve only just started sketching out the third book, but I think it will focus on Elena and Raphael. Other characters may have bigger roles to play, but this depends on how the storyline develops.

Book Pushers: What inspired you to have the symbiotic relationship between Angels and Vampires?

Nalini: Honestly? I just sat down and wrote and that’s what came out! If I’d stopped to think about it, I may have wondered what I was doing *grin*

Book Pushers: Archangel’s kiss is set in the forbidden city of China. Did you do any travelling and/or research for the book, to make sure the settings were featured correctly?

Nalini: I actually visited the Forbidden City several years ago and right away knew I wanted to use it in a book someday–but it had to be the right story. And when I began Archangel’s Kiss, I knew this was it. I have tons and tons of photos of the Forbidden City, and it’s such an amazing place that it left a strong visual impression in my mind. I would love to return to visit it again one day.

Book Pushers: Will you be able to give us any tidbits about Archangel’s Kiss? And will the other archangels make themselves known to Elena in a more upfront, personal manner?

Nalini: You find out about the secrets in Elena’s past in this book, and you also get a glimpse into the forces that shaped Raphael. As for the other archangels, you get to discover more about two of them in particular, but which two, I won’t say 😉

Book Pushers: Elena – while not as physically strong as Raphael – has the spirit to match him in strength. Did you always know that Elena’s circumstances would change, and was it to put her on an equal footing with Raphael, and the other archangels?

Nalini: I didn’t consciously plan what happened at the end of Angels’ Blood. But when it happened, it just seemed so right, I knew it couldn’t be any other way.

As for an equal footing – I don’t think that’s possible, not with the amount of power the archangels have. Elena is still vulnerable, still much weaker, but her spirit remains undaunted.

Book Pushers: We iz mighty curious: How do angels get dressed? Wouldn’t their wings get in the way? 😉

Nalini: There is a scene in Archangel’s Kiss all about this!

Book Pushers: Raphael is a true bad-ass. Well, in our opinion he is. He doesn’t deny what he is, nor did you make him softer because of his feelings for Elena. Did you want Raphael to have more of an edge, and did you struggle to get the right balance in his temperament and personality without making him unlikeable?

Nalini: Raphael is who he is, and he could be no other person given his life – and as a writer, I have to stay true to his personality, so there was never any question of “softening” him. Even though he has claimed Elena as his own, he is still very much the Archangel of New York.

Book Pushers: What is your process to mentally switch between your different worlds from the Psy Changeling to the Guild Hunters?

Nalini: I think it really helps that they are two very different worlds, and each series has its own unique “feel,” so when I switch, it’s a clean switch. And that’s part of what I love about writing two such different series–going from one to the other really freshens up my writing I believe. I’m always excited to return to my other world (whichever one that may be).

Book Pushers: The Psy Changeling series — what we believe to be — is one of the most exciting paranormal romance series out there at the moment, which features ethnic diversity, and a great balance of romance and paranormal. When you started the series, did you ever imagine you would have such a huge reader/fan base, and what do you envision for the Psy Changeling series in the future?

Nalini: When I wrote “Slave to Sensation,” I felt in my heart that it was a special book, and I really, really hoped readers would agree. But I never expected the depth of the reaction, and it excites and humbles me anew with each book that releases. It also pushes me as a writer–because I want readers to feel that same passion for every book.

Unlike the Guild Hunter series, the Psy/Changeling series is not open-ended. It has a very defined first story arc. Once that arc finishes, I intend to start a second arc – that one will be more open-ended, and will deal with the consequences of events that happen in the first arc. I also have ideas about doing what I call “tangent” books. I.e. Books that might not necessarily have fit the main story arc, but that will allow me to explore different aspects of the Psy/Changeling world.

Book Pushers: In your FAQ, you mention that not all Psy designations have been revealed. Do you have a set number of psy designations in mind?

Nalini: I know there are several more for sure, but the characters sometimes surprise even me, so I always leave room for that. And with the Forgotten, there are all kinds of unknown/unexpected abilities cropping up.

Book Pushers: We hear that Hawke’s story is in the works? When will his story be out and could you give us any tidbits please – with sugar on top? And cream. And marshmallows. And Belgium chocolate mousse topped with white chocolate shavings!

Nalini: The book is tentatively scheduled for a July 2011 release. 🙂

As for tidbits – I think I need to keep my lips zipped on this one until I’m well and truly into the book. And hey, you’ve got two more books to look forward to before Hawke’s!

Book Pushers: *grins* Ok, we’ll stop with the Hawke questions. We’ll be kind. 😉 Talking about the other two books before Hawke’s release, what made you decide to tell Max’s story, and are you allowed to tell us who the hero will be in the book after Max?

Nalini: Usually, when I’m writing a book, the hero or heroine of the next book begins to “speak” to me. I was fascinated by Max from his first appearance and knew I wanted to tell his story, and this was the right time – he’s human but he has connections with the changelings, and is part of Enforcement.

There are a number of developments to the overarching series arc in BONDS OF JUSTICE and many happen because of who Max is – no other character would have worked for this particular book.

As for the hero of Indigo’s book, I’m keeping quiet on that because I think it’ll be fun for everyone to find out in the first chapter.

Book Pushers: Our final question has to be smutty themed. 😀 What kind of dessert topping would your characters have fun licking off their respective partners, or future partners. (Totally not aiming for spoilers here *coughs* But, you know…specifically Hawke’s favourite topping!)

This is too funny – there are actually a lot of dessert references in Indigo’s book, including whipped cream and chocolate 😉 As for Hawke, hmm, well you know what I’m going to say right? All good things (including toppings) come to those who wait *grin*

And that concludes our interview. 😀

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We are going to give away one copy of Archangels Kiss via The Book Depository once it’s officially released.

To enter: Answer this question in the comments below: If you had a choice, would you choose to be an Angel or a Vampire. And tell us why?

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41 thoughts on “Interview with Nalini Singh”

  1. Oh i LOVED this interview! So many interesting answers. This is one of the best interview i’ve read in a long time.

    If i had to choose i’d go with Angels..1: how cool is that to have WINGS! 2: No blood sucking involved lol 3: Did i say Wings?! 😉

  2. great interview! i’m a huge fan of nalini singh and her psy-changeling series is one of my current book series obsessions. i just finished reading caressed by ice a few hours ago actually and i can’t wait for hawke’s book.

    answer: i’d rather be an angel because i hate blood 😛 and don’t want to drink it.

  3. Definitely an angel because they are quite bad @ss. And I have a slight obsession with wings – cause really what could be cooler than having wings?!

    Fantastic interview. I’m a huge Nalini fan and devour everything she writes. Am waiting desperately for Indigo and Hawkes books. 😀

  4. Stuck here in the world of Ice, I think I’d have to say angel, just because Vamps have never appealed to me as being hot and sexy critters like most people. That is, unless they are a hot blooded race, and not turned. One thing about Nalini’s new series, the angels are the hot ones. 😀 (at least so far)

  5. Thank you for the interview and trying to get us some more info on Hawke! I really can’t wait for his story to be told in 2011! I think I would prefer being an Angel. Wings, white clouds and halo and generally being a goodie two shoe and wanting to help people out.(grin)

  6. Loved the interview- and how cool such a “simple” thing inspired this new series! Also, Nalini, I’m wicked jealous you got to go to the Forbidden City! So cool. I’d love to go there some day…

    And if I’d rather be an angel or vampire… I’m going with angel on this one. For sure 😀

  7. Caitlin Usignol

    I am reading the Psy/Changeling series now and loving it. I also loved Angels blood and can’t wait for the next part of the story.

    I would want to be an angel. To have such beautiful wings that would allow me to fly would be too cool.

  8. I really enjoyed the interview. I was wondering about how angels dress too so I’m glad to hear it will be addressed in the next book.

    No tidbits about Hawke?! Aww. July 2011 seem sooo far away but like you said good things do come to those who wait.

    Awesome last question, totally made me laugh. That’s making me even more eager to read Indigo’s story.

    I would like to be an angel because I found them so fascinating in the book 1. Plus I think I’d look great with wings 😛

  9. Great interview! And I would have to say:vampire. If only because that’s the supernatural creature I most enjoy reading about 🙂

  10. I loved the interview 🙂 That Hawke has stolen so many hearts already, including mine..I’m so impatient for his story 🙂
    But until then, I definitely wouldn’t mind having my own angel..the sexy alpha, haughty, edge that Raphael has is so very appealing. Plus, I choose wings over fangs 😉

  11. Excellent interview, Book Pushers and Nalini! I’m hanging out for Hawke’s book too. 🙂
    Angel or vampire? Hmmm. Sorry Vampire people. It has to be Angel. It’s the wings. Gotta have wings. I want blue ones just like Illium (but without the duckling feathers)…

  12. fantastic interview. I’d definitely be an angel cause I’d rather see sunlight and be able to eat chocolate. lol.

  13. I think I would rather be an angel. Devious, able to fly, can look at guys like Raphael all day? Sign me up!!

  14. Great Interview. And if I had to choose between Angel’s and Vampires I’d rather be an Angel. Mostly because you’re born immortal and so your family and friends would be as well and that way I wouldn’t have to worry about watching people I care about die due to age like a Vampire would.

    But mostly I don’t think I could make it through a hundred years of servitude.

  15. What a fun interview! So many of Nalini’s books to look forward too.

    I would pick angel because I would love to be able to fly. 🙂

  16. I would have to say angels…… I want wings

    or if I couldn’t have wings I would want my lover/partner to have wings

  17. Fantastic interview! I can’t wait for the next Psy/Changleing books. And for Archangel’s Kiss, of course.

    I would have to say Angel for the obvious reasons. Wings and flying! (I would have cool wings, like Elena’s.) And the no sucking blood part, too.

  18. Angel-what power but what responsibility. The concept of the 100 year contract for a vampire grosses me out. Great interview-good questions. Can’t wait for the next angel book.

  19. I am an avid fan of both series and I am looking forward to all future installments. I would be an angel in Nalini’s world since a form of vampire slavery is used.

  20. I loved this interview Nalini! Yum, toppings!

    I would choose to be an angel for sure! Like Elena said ”Sucking on blood is just not my thing.” Lol.

  21. Interviews are always fun when the interviewer is obviously a big fan…they always ask the best questions. 😉

    I’d have to pick angel…simply for the wings. *____*

  22. LOVED the interview!

    I’m going with Angel – for the wings and because they aren’t what a lot of people expect. 😉 Oh and my wings would have to be purple with silver and black streaks. *Looks innocent.*

  23. Definitely an angel…wouldn’t pick vampire even if the other choice was not available..angels have the advantage of immortality (almost..) and flight without the bad stuff that comes with being a vampire…

  24. Lovely interview. And great question – I had a long think about it. I decided I would ratherr be an angel as long as it’s one like Nalini writes about 😀

  25. Wonderful interview, I really enjoyed it. I guess I’m in the minority, but I have to go with vampire – I like those bad boys.

  26. Oh, great interview Nalini and the Book Pushers – thank you!

    Hmmm. I think I’d have to go with angel. It’s the wings. Although, if you threw Dmitri into the equation I might dither some more on my answer 🙂

  27. Great interview. While I love reading about vamps and they do make up some of my favorite characters. I would have to go with Angels. Mostly on the side of good, get to fly, dont have to live at night or drink blood.

  28. Thanks for the great interview!
    I would choose to become a vampire:
    1. power (ie. mind manipulation)
    2. am already a night owl, therefore I would not miss the sun
    3. my perception via the books I enjoy vampires seem glamourous,and sexy; or command respect, are feared and a force to be reckoned with

  29. Great interview! – And Nalini remains stable*g*.

    Flying like an angel would be fun, but I would choose to become a vampire for Dmitri. I think he is a true challenge. Not easy, but worth to crack.
    And not to forget the erotic part *sigh*…

  30. I would be an angel. I could watch over the people I love and keep them safe, have the power and beauty of angel’s wings and bypass the whole drink-blood-sleep-throughout-the-day thing.

  31. Great interview. Had to think about the question. Normally it would be vampire but in this series I wouldn’t want to have to do 100 years of servitude. So I would be an angel.

  32. Angel b/c I have issues with blood. I wouldn’t last long as a vampire. I’m just too much of a picky eater! =)

  33. I would be an angel. With huge red gold wings and hawt angel man like Raphael. Yuuuuumy.
    I love the whole thought of living above the mortals. lol

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  35. Definitely an angel! They have wings, WINGS! (Do I have to say anything more? :D) There are lots of (different) books involving vampires – angels aren’t that popular (yet) so they still have this “freshness” about them (and don’t forget the wings!) And the ability to fly! I completely agree with Elena on that one!

    ps. Looking forward to Illium’s book! Ah, mainly because of the blue wings…:D but that’s not the only reason: in Angel’s Blood he seemed to be a cute character with a great sense of humor and a deeper story behind the loss of his wings the last time…

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