GIVEAWAY: Dark Life by Kat Falls

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Thanks to the awesome Kathryn McKenna, who is the Children’s Marketing & Publicity Assistant for Simon and Schuster UK, we have three advanced copies of the eagerly anticipated début Dark Life by Kat Falls to giveaway.

The official blurb:

Ty has lived under the ocean for his entire life. Following global warming and the rise of the seas, his family joined an underwater community in hopes of living in the new frontier of the ocean floor. But When Ty meets Gemma, a girl from “topside”, who is searching the seas for her brother, she quickly makes his life very complicated.

Together Ty and Gemma face dangerous sea creatures and venture into the frontier town’s rough underworld as they search for her missing brother. But the deeper they dig, the more attention they attract, and soon Ty and Gemma find themselves being hunted by a gang of outlaws who roam the underwater territories causing havoc, and who seem to have eerie abilities.

But Ty has a secret of his own, living underwater for his entire life has meant he has also developed a “special” power. Can he keep it a secret from Gemma and his family or is it time for him to finally tell everyone the truth?

Dark Life is officially released in April/May of this year.

This giveaway is open internationally, and I’ll be passing on the winner’s details to Simon and Schuster UK so they can send out the books to you. One entry per person please.

I’m going to make this nice and easy for you all – no questions. 😉

To enter the giveaway, just place a comment below.

Giveaway will be open until next Thursday, evening time, GMT.

Good Luck!

Giveaway now closed!

24 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Dark Life by Kat Falls”

  1. Sounds like the psychic powers that have been speculated on as suppressed parts of the human mind are making a come back in this world. It should be interesting to follow.

  2. An adventure under the sea. Humans, outlaws and “Special Powers” Temptation to buy as soon as it is released.

  3. sounds like an interesting read. and since this is ya book I believe I’d get to share it with my youngun

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