You Might Have Noticed

The site looks different. For the last three months, we’ve had a pickle of a time getting a new design.

So today I bought Canvas from WooThemes, which lets you design your site via the wordpress panel. This is awesome for simpletons like myself!

There won’t be any updates until the end of the week, so please excuse the blinding whiteness of the layout until I make it all pretty and presentable.

By Lou

One thing that Lou loves most is her HEA in romances.

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I was debating buying a theme for woothemes…is it rude to ask what the average cost per theme is? I really like how other themes have the tabbed look on the right with the Featured Posts, Popular Posts, & Recent Comments.

Not rude at all. 🙂

The average cost of the theme depends if you want a club membership, which you pay annually each year, and you get all of the themes available. Or you can buy individual themes which come in a standard package or a developers package.

For a single theme, the standard package would cost $70 and for the developers theme, it’s $150. For standard, you get two free themes, and for developer- which is the one I bought on the Canvas theme – you get three free themes.

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