Our lovely new header…

…is designed by the very talented and wonderful Parajunkee Designs.

For those who read our blog,  you’ll have seen the numerous design and layout changes that have occurred in the last few months. We’ve really – and I mean really – struggled with what we wanted as a look for the blog. We knew we wanted a fantasy feel, but we had different variations of what type of fantasy romance look we wanted.

We adore this design by Parajunkee, and I promise by the book pusher that resides in me, this layout will not be changing for a long, long, long time.

But some may not see the new changes, as Firefox is lame-ass slow in updating the cache!

10 thoughts on “Our lovely new header…”

  1. Looks great over here. Wow, you set it up very nicely. I’m already getting referrals from ya’ll! So angry I can’t check on this at work. Stupid firewall. XOXO

  2. Thanks everyone! We’re super happy with it.

    Yay, that’s great ParaJunkee! Ha, I still need to find where that keyword is coming from. 😀

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