There will be 6 Book Pushers reading on a Wall

My title of the post was supposed to rhyme in sorts with the bottle song, but I think it has failed…epic time.  😀

But never mind that (and please ignore the title, I beg of you), I have some news for those who read and follow our blog.

At the moment, I’m not in the best of health, so I’m unable to read and review like I did before. I’ll still be here, lurking about, and still doing some reviews, but my review presence will be lessened.

So we’re super excited to announce that we have a new Book Pusher! We want to give a big warm welcome to MinnChica!

MinnChica is a big reader of Paranormal/Urban Fantasy romance, and she also likes to read in Contemporary Romance and Historical Romance. We’re really excited to have MinnChica here with us, and you’ll also be able to find her over at her own blog called: Books, According to Nicole.

But, not only do we have MinnChica, but we want to officially welcome Julie also (we did it on twitter, but we want to do it here also) who is guest reviewing for us, and who is doing an amazing  job.

If I may say so, we have a pretty cool reading wall. *grins*

By Lou

One thing that Lou loves most is her HEA in romances.

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