Guest Feature: Welcome to Jack Sheridan’s Bar

Hey awesome readers, we have a special visitor today at The Book Pushers who is spilling the gossip about what’s been happening in this special town called Virgin River.You might have read about this certain individual’s very own story in Robyn Carr’s first book in the series, Virgin River. Yup, you might have guessed. It’s Jack Sheridan!

Welcome to Jack’s Bar, and we hope you enjoy his blog post.

Hey, welcome to Virgin River, where the hunting is good, the fishing is excellent, the food will water your eyes, (thanks to my buddy and cook, Preacher) and the gossip is better than all of the above. This is my bar, Jack’s Bar, otherwise known as communication central. I’m Jack Sheridan, bar owner and bartender. Eventually just about everything passes my way and this town as served up some delicious pieces of news.

For example, we got ourselves a brand new minister a couple of years ago. He had barely settled in when he took a notion to hire a church secretary and picked himself a single mother whose last job had been exotic dancing. Sweetest girl I ever met, too. Also one of the prettiest. If that wasn’t enough to keep the gossips busy, he went and fell for her. It served its purpose, I guess–filled up the church!  People couldn’t wait to listen to the sermon and watch the eye contact heat up between the minister and the church secretary.

Another fun one was when Luke Riordan moved to town. The poor guy. He was a newly retired Army Black Hawk pilot, nearly forty and a confirmed bachelor. Now I can relate to that–I was a confirmed bachelor once myself, and let me tell you, it’s not easy to maintain that discipline around here. Especially around here. So on Luke’s first day in town, who does he meet but twenty-five year old Shelby MacIntyre, prettiest little thing north of the Bay Area. The second he laid eyes on her, he lit up and fire shot out of his ears. But if it wasn’t bad enough, she was way too young, and her uncle was a retired Army three star! The last thing in the world Luke wanted on his plate was the pretty young niece of a general!  For an Army Warrant Officer, a general is an intimidating thing, retired or not. The town loved watching that one. I think money actually exchanged hands as bets were placed on how long it would take for Luke to give up.

Now that I think about it, most of the gossip around here revolves around who’s sleeping with who. I guess it’s better than who shot who. This place has a reputation–not the place to visit or move to if you’re determined to stay single. A favorite pastime is watching and betting on which bachelor is about to go down for the count, and to be honest the whole thing probably started with me. I was just after a quiet life after twenty years in the Marines and five wars. I had my eye on a little hunting and fishing when this hot little blond midwife came to town and took all the fun out of hunting and fishing. Oh what the hell–I can drop a line anytime, but there was only one Melinda Monroe. And now I’m just an old married man who gets all his vicarious pleasure watching the other confirmed bachelors cave in to that sweet little trap.

We have a lot to offer around here. Good views, good friends, and a good possibility you’ll have trouble not falling in love. Life could be worse.

Welcome to the river. You’ll never want to leave.

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15 thoughts on “Guest Feature: Welcome to Jack Sheridan’s Bar”

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  2. Love this post by Jack. So…which Virgin River bachelor will his lose his bachelorhood in the next book? 🙂

  3. I love the series and now am reading Wild Man Creek, I love it and I can’t put it down. You bring the characters to life and they seem like they are my friends. I’d love to live in Virgin River, it sounds like a neat little town and the people are so friendly. I live in Crawfordville fla, and its a small town and the people here are pretty nice, its growing so of course its changing but its still a nice place to live. I love your stories, can’t wait to read the last of this series.

  4. I’ve just discovered this series through a recommendation, I may only be on book 1 but I’m flying through that and already looking forward to getting my hands on book 2!

  5. I have read ALL of the Virgin River books in the last few months…I’m HOOKED! When will the next books be coming out? It’s hard to wait for it. I adore this series and feel as if all the residents of Virgin River are personal friends. I love how you weave new characters in with the old so we can keep up with our favorites from past novels. Please tell me there is another coming soon!

  6. When will the next Virgin River novel be coming along? I have read them all and I am hooked!

  7. I’m reading the Virgin River series for the third time, and I’m sure I’ll read it many more times; I have the whole series with me all the time on my e-reader.
    Robyn Carr’s dialogue just gets to me; these are good, real people. Just finished Harvest Moon. Keep ’em coming, Ms. Carr!

  8. Oh Please don’t just drop us we need more. does Collin ever marry jilly? does Conner & les get married or Have a baby? David is getting old enough to start to stir the pot a little, & preacher needs another baby. I have read all the Virgin River books 4 times. I am now waiting on the next Thunder point Book. I go to the book store every week to see if there is a new one. Love all your books. Preacher is the best man in Virgin River.

  9. Started the Virgin River series with a Christmas book. LOVED it! My husband purchased the series for me in January and I’m on my second time through! LOVE the characters and the place!

  10. So love your books, and thankyou for the entertainment ! Would really love to visit Virgin River again with some updates on what’s happening with the charatures we know and love and also new ones please. Your style of writing is so great, it gives me a sense of urgency to find out what happens next ! Thankyou and looking forward to your future books !

  11. Just finished Forbidden Falls and was wondering why Art was not mentioned being at the wedding? He’s such an important part of Luke’s story.

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