Joint Review – Sabine by Moira Rogers

Publisher: Samhain

Publish Date: Out Now!

How We Got This Book: Author provided eARC for review




A curse can erase her from his mind, but never from his heart.

…and the Beast, Book 1

After three years at war, the High Lord of the Forest returns to his lands, a victorious wolf leader intent on claiming his mate. Instead Ciar finds an empty bed and a court with no recollection of the woman he loved. Following her long-cold trail proves far easier than facing what awaits him at the end.

Sabine’s first instinct is to beg her beloved to leave. The High Lord’s mother hired a witch to curse Sabine, desperate to wipe the lowborn wolf from her son’s mind. But the spell worked too well, and Sabine has vanished from the thoughts of everyone who sees her. Including her own family.

The edges of his memory already blurring, Ciar and Sabine must race to find a way to reverse the spell. Yet every searing moment together is not enough to stop the curse’s inexorable progress. His only chance is to bind Sabine to him too tightly to be forgotten, before she disappears once and for all.

Product Warnings
This story contains cruel betrayal, destined love, vile curses, smoldering reunions, wicked deeds between wanton shapeshifters and a happily-ever-after worthy of any fairy tale.
*Blurb from Goodreads*

Has: When I saw the cover of Sabine which was tweeted on twitter, I was instantly intrigued to read the book. I love the look of the cover which was dreamy and ethereal looking but the blurb was also just as interesting. And after reading the short but engrossing read,  the story definitely lived up to its initial promise. 

MinnChica: I was taken in by the cover as well, and love the kind of fairy tale aspect that this series seems to have. And yes, it really did live up to all my expectations. Moira Rogers can really do no wrong in my book!

Has: The story of lovers being reunited is not one of my favourite tropes but I loved how this was played out in this novella. Although I wished it was longer, (I loved the setting and the characters) I didn’t feel that this lessened the impact of their yearning between them and the fact that Sabine’s curse added tension and some heart-ache to the story. I really felt that Moira Rogers conveyed that sense of loneliness and loss really well.

MinnChica: I agree completely. I really enjoy lover reunited stories, and I thought it was done so well, especially with the twist of the curse that was placed on Sabine. I loved how the whole curse scenario played out as well, how Sabine dealt with the pain and heartache, who Ciar handled it. Very well done!

Has: Oh I loved how determined he was not to forget her and the scene later on where he realises something is wrong was a highlight of the book. Also loved the little glimpse of how his wolf viewed her. I really wished this story was longer and the world was explored fully. I love fantasy romance and this setting/characters had a lot of promise on that end.

MinnChica: That was the only thing I didn’t like about the story: the length. Rogers does such an incredible job bringing their characters and settings to life, even in such a short and condensed time frame. I would have loved to dive deeper into the world and characters. And you’re right, the scene where he knows something is wrong had me melting with emotion!

Has: I was totally a puddle at that scene! My gripe was the fact that the ending and the reasons behind the curse needed to be expanded. And the ending was a bit of an anticlimax especially by the people who were behind the plot and curse on Sabine and Ciar’s relationship.

MinnChica: Sometimes with shorter stories like this, the ending tends to be somewhat rushed. It did seem somewhat anticlimatic, especially after everything they had to go to to get to that spot, to beat the curse. But maybe, hopefully, we can see more of them in future books in the series?!

Has: I hope so! It was definitely a great intro to the world and setting but I did feel that there was a huge buildup, and the world-building and characters was great. But the ending felt a bit rushed and I wanted more of a confrontation (and punishment) on those responsible for the curse.

MinnChica: All in all, I adored Sabine. I thought that the first book in this new series was strong and solid in the world building and characters. While I would have like to see a little more meat in the story, I can’t wait to see how the series progresses.
I give Sabine a B+.

Has: Sabine is very much like a very sexy fairytale in a way with a lot of emotional depth.The tone and feel swept me into the story and I definitely recommend it. I also can’t wait to for the rest of the books in the series! I do hope we get a longer installment that explores the world because I really think it has a lot of promise!
I give Sabine a B-

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