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Boy am I glad to be back!  I would like to thank my fellow Bookpushers for their support and understanding over this past year as well as those of you I was able to sporadically interact with.  I apologize for my absence from the blogging world but my real life job sent me on a deployment to Iraq.  While this deployment wasn’t exactly fun, not that any of them are, I did have the opportunity to make some interesting observations.  I was lucky enough to observe the military heroic character inspiration in the equivalent of a fishbowl.  I do not work in a unit that would provide the main characters of any romance novels or come to think of it any work of fiction except for maybe comedy but I digress.  I was around on a daily bases some of those potential male characters, the protagonists, antagonists, heroes, anti-heroes and those in-between.  It was really fascinating to see the different permutations.  Disclaimer: Names and potentially identifying characteristics have not been used to protect the guilty innocent.

Now, last year on Odd Shots, Ilona Andrews did a really interesting study in both heroes and villains complete with pictures.  Oh you haven’t seen that or need to refresh your memory.  Please take a look and enjoy, I will wait for your return…

Heroes – http://www.theoddshots.com/2010/06/the-heroes/

Villains – http://www.theoddshots.com/2010/11/ilonas-villain-compendium/

Welcome back  :D.  Now as you could see there are several different varieties of heroes and villains but for the purposes of this editorial I am going to focus on four types of Alpha males at least one of which could qualify as a villain.  First the elite military type Alpha, then the “regular” Alpha, followed by the Asshat Alpha (as seen on both Smart Bitches and Dear Author websites) and finally the wannabe Alpha.

I got to see the typical elite forces Alpha male, he was in shape, confident, sure of his attraction to women, sure of his dominance over other males.  Watching this Alpha male re-assert his position after departing for a period of time was most amusing.  It involved posturing, trash talk, staring contests, and some minor MMA (mixed martial arts)/UFC (ultimate fighting competition) on the mat during close quarters combat practice.  Now the elite type doesn’t just keep his in shape body without putting it to some serious work, so I spotted them frequently in the gym doing a more strenuous workout than most.  Now, I was called shallow by one of my workout partners because I used the sight of ripped muscles flexing and releasing as a way to get thru the pain of my workout.  It wasn’t my fault that he (they) was (were) lifting directly in front of my workout station *looks innocent*. I did manage to work out in spite of the visual distraction.  Yet despite this almost overwhelming display of testosterone there was still sensitivity towards a woman’s moods and a desire to see them happy.  Such a wonderful contradiction and so easy to see why they lend themselves towards romance heroes.

I also got to see the non-elite forces or “regular” if they can be described as regular Alpha male.  These guys don’t have the secret squirrel title and job but they can still run/lead their particular organization.  People look up to them for their intelligence, drive, and personality.  They might not be able to lift “all” the weights in the gym but they still have a particular area that they are the best at.  It could be physical like running, swimming, or sports or it could be cerebral like chess, spades or even the best at improvising to make the impossible possible.  They still have this underlying desire to make women or more specifically their woman happy.  That can come from feats of strength, providing chocolate during times of crisis, taking care of a task or asking who upset them so they can fix the problem, or removing a gecko from the vents of the heater without threatening to throw the gecko on the poor person who almost touched it when she tried to adjust the heater.  Ah those memories bring a smile to my face, well except for almost touching the gecko *shudder*.

Unfortunately I also got to see a few examples of the Alpha Asshat :(.  These are the ones who if they used their force of personality and physical strength for good they could fall into the elite Alpha categories but because they lead by fear, intimidation and putting others down so they look more impressive in my opinion they sit more towards the villain side unless they are provided with a serious redemption complete with a most satisfying extended groveling scene.  Sorry got side tracked again.  To continue, during a physical contest they aren’t satisfied with just winning, they have to show no mercy, they cause actually pain or injuries instead of discomfort.  Their goal is to prevent people from challenging their “authority” by making examples of those they think might.  They also try to remove anyone from the group that they think might be a threat to their regime.  They also tend to be extremely sensitive and view any differing opinion or lack of treatment/respect they think they deserve as disrespect so they lose their tempers quickly.  As a result the Asshat tends to get into what can be crudely called “Big Male Member Contests” with others for no real reason.

Finally, I was able to watch the wannabe Alphas.  Or you could call them the young pups who are trying to determine exactly where they belong/fit in the order of things.  Eventually they might take on a different Alpha role but at the moment they share characteristics of the other categories.  These are the ones who are constantly jockeying for position and try to step up whenever the Alpha is away.  Depending on how long the Alpha is gone will depend on the amount of work the Alpha has to do to regain his position.  This group is actually the most fun to observe.  You don’t have to deal with the overwhelming eye candy distraction of the elite Alpha, you don’t have the calm steadiness of the “regular” Alpha, you don’t have the negative influence of the Asshat Alpha but you get all the entertainment of their competition for position.

Yes, I am aware that I left out several other categories such as Beta and Omega males but those will have to wait for another deployment.  I have to admit that I enjoy knowing I get to work with and around all of those inspirations.  Now I am curious as to what types do you get to see in your daily work environment?   In honor of my return and that two of my favorite authors had a release last week I will pick two people who answer my question above and they will receive either a copy of Ilona Andrews’ MAGIC BITES Kate Daniels Book 1 or a copy of Nalini Singh’s SLAVE TO SENSATION Psy-Changeling Book 1.  This contest will end at midnight on the 14th of June.  The books can be e-book (Kindle format only sorry) or print shipped anywhere Book Depo ships.

Good luck!


24 thoughts on “Observations of The Alpha Male”

  1. No need to enter me, have read both of them.

    I honestly do not see any alphas around, and I thank the stars for it. Cos I may love them in books but in reality, I’d rather have a beta

  2. e_bookpushers

    Thanks for your comment :). I can say that they do make life interesting.

  3. I work at an elementary school and the few men who work there I don’t think would be classified as alphas. It is interesting, though, to see the fifth graders and how their personalities are developing. There are clearly alpha boys and plenty of wannabes.

  4. As a teacher it must be fascinating to watch their different personality traits emerge.

  5. i also do not see any alpha’s around where i work, but there are plain b******* around lol, and i mean one manager in particular who likes to put everyone down lol

  6. My principal is definitely Alpha Asshat. I already have Ilona Andrew’s so I would like Nalini Singh’s. Thanks!

  7. i worked in a hospital and you could say a few people could be considered alphas. they want you to do everything and when they yell jump, they want you to yell how high. working in a hospital is stressful and busy work but adding in an alpha or 5, well makes for an interesting day. people usually clash.

  8. I have met asshat alphas which I consider omegas in alpha clothing both male and female. I’ve met true leaders which I think are alphas, but don’t connect to people on a personal level, than I have met alphas who can just be themselves which is quite rare. I think I’ve only met one and it was a brief encounter. Of course I never worked with that alpha. He was in another department. Figures. 🙂

  9. Welcome back. I work as a consultant in large corporations. Unfortunately the most prevalent type at my workplace is the alpha asshat. It does get pretty tiring dealing with them on a regular basis. Occasionally, I run into a regular alpha, and it is such a relief to work with them.

  10. @Tasnim, yes unfortunately there are plenty of women equivalents of the Asshat.

    @Rebekah, Sorry to hear your Principal is that bad.

    @Nicole, the Alpha clash can be amusing to watch but not much fun if you are caught in the middle.

    @Melissa why does it always have to end up that way?

    @JenM, thank you :). Must be nice to be able to work outside the organization.

  11. I work for a Construction company so I do see many different types on a regular basis. Probably the most common are:
    The Alpha Asshat because really what organisation would be complete without one.
    The wannabe Alpha. Young guys on a building site who group together on their breaks and whistle or shout at the lone female walking past until they realise she’s heading into the office and probably works with the boss then they all find somewhere else to be.
    We do have regular Alpha males luckily – these are the guys who will laugh as you shout up the stairs that there is a REALLY big spider but still come and rescue you from it no matter how many times you make them do it or that they’ve learnt by now it probably isn’t that big
    I also have Mr ‘I-dont’-know-what-I’m-talking-about-but-I-don’t-want-anyone-to-know-this-so-I’ll-use-far-too-many-words-talk-too-fast-wave-my-arms-around-a-lot-then-blame-you-for-not-knowing-what-I’m-talking-about’ He’s not an Alpha he’s just really annoying!

  12. I am in a traditional “male” occupation (computer science), with about 70% guys around me. But I can’t think of any alphas, honestly. Other than my boss, who is the typical alpha in behavior, except that she is female 😉

  13. I definitely work will wannabe alphas! All twenty-somethings trying to be alphas and too young to know what it takes. I do have hopes for a few, but some are doomed, LOL

  14. I see a lot of the Alpha Asshat at my job. To me that is just so sad, we all put our pants on the same dang way

  15. Hmmmm… I have this really awesome ‘Average’ Alpha at my workplace. Always very friendly and his specialty is football. But other than his obsession, he’s a sweetie. Unfortunately, I do have two Alpha Asshats who drive me insane with their attitude. Arrggghhh.

    I would prefer a copy of MAGIC BITES, but wouldn’t mind having a new and unwrinkled copy of StS I can destroy. Thanks for the giveaway and welcome back.


  16. Michelle Bledsoe

    Oh I have definitely worked with some Alpha wannabes, both male and female. When you work in the retail industry you see it all. I have always said there were too many chiefs and not enough indians. It’s always a kick to watch these people try to be King of the Jungle. Yes, I do have a weird sense of what is funny.LOL
    I would love the chance to wind MAGIC BITES. It’s is on my Amazon wish list.

  17. @Libby13 Oh those are great :D.

    @MD It is interesting how some of the traditionally male dominated occupations aren’t always full of “alphas” like people would think.

    @Karen H It can take a while to grow into their Alpha clothing

    @Wendy So very true.

    @Serena Just enjoy time with the “average” Alpha.

    @Michelle Having a weird sense of humor can certainly help with the too many chiefs situations.

  18. i find there are alot of alfas around that like to strut their stuff i love these books and cant wait for more to come out
    would love a chance to win this book

  19. I have a lot of beta types who think that they are alpha. but at my work only I am the Alpha!!!!

    Thanks for a chance to win one of these books.

    Kelly M

  20. I work with all women, but the classes are definitely still there. I’m probably the most typically “alpha” of them all. My boss is more “Akpha-poseur” being that she’s all bark and no real bite. The rest of our staff definitely falls in the submissive category.

    Great giveaway! I’ve wanted to start the Kate Daniel series so badly.

  21. Great giveaway! Work with lots of folks that think they are alphas but to me an alpha doesn’t have to prove they are one to be one!

  22. @Jenny Glad you enjoy the books

    @Kelly M. LOL

    @Sierra Even if you don’t win you really should start the series. Yes women can fill all of those roles as well.

    @Mare Very good point!

  23. There are a lot of regular Alpha males running around. They have a quiet conviction or strength about them that is almost magnetic. That is, you sense their traits more than you see them. It is only when you need them to shine through; take charge, or problem-solve that they solidify your perception of them.

    Then again, if the regular Alpha males just keep doing what they do on a regular basis, they’ll quickly become an elite Alpha. A self-assured, tried and tested and proven Alpha.

    With so many alphas around, it’s about time I gave Kate Daniel’s a try!

  24. @Na S. Glad to hear you have a lot of regular Alpha males in your area and like you i hope they continue doing what they do.

    Contest is closed winner to be announced tonight!

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