Review – Chasin’ Eight by Lorelei James

**Warning, this review contains some spoilers!!**

Publisher: Samhain
Publish Date: Out Now
How I got this book: Purchased

She wants it…he’s got it…and the chase is on…

Bull rider Chase McKay has finally landed in a pile too big to charm his way out of. Caught with his pants down, he finds himself bucked right off the PBR tour until he can get his act together.

Hollywood actress Ava Cooper became the tabloids’ favorite target when her longtime boyfriend was outed as gay. She needs a place to lay low and a chance to prove to herself that she can satisfy a red-blooded man between the sheets. The sexy, rugged cowboy she finds holed up in her Wyoming hideaway seems like the answer to her every fantasy.

But Chase has sworn off women. Forever. Or at least a month. Whichever comes first.

When they take to the road to get Chase more hands-on bull riding experience, they have every intention of keeping their hands off each other. But the two headstrong stars quickly end up riding a hot and heady rodeo circuit all their own—until the press gets wind of their affair. When the dust clears and the lights of the paparazzi fade, are they ready to give up chasing the dream for a chance of finding forever?

Warning: Strap in, another hot McKay is about to bust out of the gate and this bull rider knows a thing or two about riding hard…
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James is my absolute all time favorite cowboy author, and the sexy McKay cowboys have had me wrapped around their fingers since I first picked up Long Hard Ride.

Chase is in hot water and has found himself suspended from the PBR tour until he can get his act together, both personally and professionally. Licking his wounds he heads back to Wyoming to see if he can put the pieces of his life back together. Once back in WY, Chase finds that his private hideaway isn’t so private, and has a sexy and tempting house guest, actress Ava.

Ava’s life has turned into one huge publicity snafu, and she wants nothing more than to run and hide from it all. When she and Chase embark on a journey from state to state, entering small circuit rodeos and staying in cheap hotel rooms, she finds that he may understand a lot more about her life than anyone ever has before. But when lives catch back up to them and their lives are splashed across the front pages once again, will the bond they’ve created be enough for the long haul?

I was a little hesitant about starting Chase’s story, mainly because I felt like he was this whole new character in the McKay series. He hadn’t had a lot of page time in any of the previous books, and he was still somewhat of an enigma to me. But boy oh boy was I surprised by this cowboy. Chase was the prefect amount of rough and tough cowboy mixed in with this amazingly sensitive and inquisitive man. The way he would pop up with something really insightful and thought provoking just when Ava needed to hear it most, it was brilliant. I also loved that although he really was at times a country bumpkin at heart, he was also everything that Ava needed him to be.

Now, for some reason I had it in my head that Chase’s leading lady was going to be his PR rep, the woman he constantly referred to as “sugar tits.” I don’t know why I thought this, but I did. So when I heard Ava mentioned, I was almost a little let down. (Crazy huh?) That being said, I loved Ava. She grew on me instantly. Even though she was both an actress and heiress, she wasn’t super spoiled. She cared about those around her, and when she was being a little brat, was accepting and able to admit it and work to change it. There wasn’t much I didn’t love about her.

Probably the best thing about this book was the slow building relationship between Chase and Ava. I loved that Ava wanted to jump into bed with Chase, but he was reluctant to keep screwing up with easy and available women. I loved that they became friends, true friends in the beginning of the book. They cared for each other, talked to one another, and were able to relate to each other in ways no one had before. It was special and sweet and the tension between them was incredible. Once they finally got between the sheets, it was so much more special and perfect.

I did feel that it was ended somewhat abruptly. Yes, they were able to work out everything and were planning on their HEA, and while it didn’t feel rushed or awkward for Chase and Ava, I just wasn’t ready to let go. *sniffle*

All in all, James came through with another smokin’ hot cowboy story, filled with tight wrangles, unbelievable sexual tension, incredible characters and a great love story.

I give Chasin’ Eight an A.


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  1. half way through my read…i do believe winnie will be for someone else…but not sure…i will leave it up to the great author herself to decide….love both her cowboy series!!!

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