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Today we have Lorelie Brown here with us on the blog. Lorelie can always be counted on to write an amazing and unique historical that doesn’t stop at the bedroom door. She also seems to enjoy taking two people who have apparently dead opposite views, professions etc and mixing in attraction to the reader’s enjoyment.  Her debut novel from Samhain, Jazz Baby, featured a hot couple from the prohibition era.  You can see our review HERE.


Lorelie’s second novel, Catch Me, a sexy Western releasing from Carina Press this week proves that she isn’t afraid to move around different historical periods.


Welcome Lorelie!

Hi! I’m thrilled to actually get to chat here this time. Y’all were so nice to me with my debut, it’s great to be back.


Book Pushers: What can you tell us about Catch Me?

Set in 1880s-era Arizona, Catch Me is about a sheriff’s daughter who robs a bank–and the bounty hunter who hunts her down.


Book Pushers: What made you decide to move back in time and across country for this book?

Well, I moved to Arizona! Though I definitely live in a regular city, there’s a flavor of the old west that still lingers.  Our family likes going for drives in the desert, four-wheeling on old tracks


Book Pushers: Will you be returning to the setting of Jazz Baby? It was so refreshing having a historical that wasn’t regency.

I would love to. Jake and Susie occasionally pop up and poke me for some attention. I’m sure I’ll get back to them when I can. But right now my schedule won’t allow it.

And because I’m trying to be a little more forthcoming: Honestly, my sales figures won’t allow it. It’s not worth the time invested. That doesn’t mean I’ll never go back–but it won’t be right now.


Book Pushers: Why do you think it’s so hard to find historicals that are not regency, and don’t feature a hero and heroine from high society?

It’s that chicken and egg situation. Sales. They’re the beast that must be defeated. Regencies sell well. Why becomes a little more complicated. But on the other hand, who doesn’t like pretty dresses and men with the right to be a little arrogant?


Book Pushers:  What is your ideal dream historical setting? And would you set a book in this period?

To live in? I’m happy right where I am. I love my iPod and my computer waaaay too much to give them up.

However my most favorite historical setting to write about is the 20s. We know where that one’s going, right? Been there, set the book. Will do again! So say we all!


Book Pushers: Where do you get the ideas for your historicals?

Music is my friend. And then there’s the environment–I think CATCH ME, being a western, at least partially came out of moving to Arizona. There’s too many ghost towns to NOT be intrigued. Who lived in those towns? What were they like? And most of all, how did they fall in love?


Book Pushers: What upcoming projects are you working on?

Dude, that’s quite the list. Andrew is the hero’s brother in CATCH ME, and I’ve got his story tentatively scheduled as next. But then I’ve just written a contemporary, and the book I wrote before that was a Victorian. Not to mention three co-written eroticas I did last fall that are still looking for a home.


Book Pushers: How much research do you usually put into each book and the era you are writing about?

It really depends. For my debut, I essentially spent the better part of a decade researching, just because I loved the 20s so much. For CATCH ME, set in the Arizona Territories in the 1880s, it was more like six weeks. Though those six weeks also layered on a round of research I did for a now-trunked novel, too.


Book Pushers: Why did you choose those eras and settings? What appealed to you about that time period?

Men in fancy clothes who still get to carry big guns? What’s not to love?

Plus there’s also the sense of change. I love change. The western expansion of America seemed to have this momentous feel to it, even to the people in the middle of it. I find that fascinating.


Book Pushers: What is it about historical romance that you love writing the most?

The similarities. Maybe Dean, my hero is using a very basic set of handcuffs on Maggie, but there’s still that kernel of emotion that he can’t ignore. That I imagine would be very similar to what a guy would feel now a days putting cuffs on a chick.

Book Pushers: Have you thought about writing in other genres?

Yes. Yes, I have. In fact, my work-in-progress is a contemporary about a world champion surfer who goes home for the first time in ten years–and is confronted by the woman he left behind. Southern California, beautiful beaches, a heroine who gets to run around in a bikini 90% of the time. It was such awesome fun to write.

And yes, there was still research. I’m a research addict.


Book Pushers: Will you be using your inside knowledge to write a contemporary military romance?

Short answer: I have!

Long answer: For those who don’t know, I’m married to a member of the US Army. My very own, sexy paratrooper. Using what I know, I’ve co-written a three book series with a friend which are exactly that–plus they’re very sexy eroticas too. It remains to be seen where the series will end up, though.

What’s with these questions? It’s like you’ve got an inside track or something. Have you put spyware on my laptop? 😉


Book Pushers: What book has given you the biggest impact or influence on your writing?

God, that’s a little hard to narrow down. When we moved out here, I had 28 boxes of books. And those were just what I considered my “keepers” since I’d already discarded a lot in North Carolina. But when it comes to romance, I have to say Jude Deveraux’s work. Back in the day, she was the author who made the hugest impact on my introduction to romance.


Book Pushers: Your heroes tend to be on the right side of the law, could you see yourself writing about a bad guy as a leading man?

Funny you should ask that one: a manuscript I just finished has a bad guy hero. He owns gambling halls and is a loan shark and even owns a brothel. (Though he only owns that one because he figures he can keep the madam from employing too-young girls. He’s got a bit of a control issue. Sorry. Ish.)


Book Pushers:  What kind of hero do you find the smexiest and why? The Valentino styled Sheik? Grrrish Warlord? Roguish Pirate? Rough and ready Cowboy (who needs to save his horse?)  Kill you with his pinky Special Forces Secret Squirrel Dude?

I LOL at “Special Forces Secret Squirre” because I used to work with those guys. I was in 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) and lemme tell you, they are still just regular guys. Ups, downs, hot and not. Normal. 🙂

As for my favorite hero, it’s any hero who puts the heroine first, despite her flaws. The rest of the world can go to hell for all he cares so long as he’s got his girl. More like Wolverine than Cyclops. Cyclops’ love comes with conditions. Be good. Do the right thing. Carry on Professor X’s legacy. With Wolverine, there’s no conditions. Just very a tempting, reckless passion & devotion. That’s what I hoped for–really tried to write–with CATCH ME.


Thanks so much to Lorelie for being here today! She is offering up one ecopy of of Catch Me to one lucky commenter. So leave her a question or comment to be entered. Open Internationally. Giveaway ends on July 25th. Good Luck!

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  1. I love the twenties! Will have to check out Jazz Baby. 🙂

    “Set in 1880s-era Arizona, Catch Me is about a sheriff’s daughter who robs a bank–and the bounty hunter who hunts her down.” That’s an awesome hook! Now I’m dying to know why a sheriff’s daughter would rob a bank… 🙂

  2. Sarah Bibi Setar

    The cover of Catch Me is eye-catching and impressive and I’m also curious to know why a sheriff’s daughter would rob a bank:)

    Thanks for the giveaway:)


  3. I loved your interview and your book covers are really great. I hope I win!
    marajbrandon AT earthlink DOT net

  4. I really like that the hero of CATCH ME is a bounty hunter. There is not a lot of men like that around in historical romances.

  5. both books look and sound great! im more intrigued by jazz baby. which story was your favorite to write? thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I really really want to read Catch Me. I had spotted it a while ago. Thanks for the contest.

  7. I couldn’t agree more regarding the men in fancy clothes who still get to carry big guns 😉
    Words of wisdom right there!
    Thank you for the great interview. I enjoyed reading it!

    ssosborn AT gmail dot com

  8. Oooh – I love a good Western . .. and the heroine being a bank robber . . now there is a great hook to check out this book ☺

    Good luck with your new release . . .

  9. Catch Me sounds like a lovely Western romance, and I’m always up for a great Western.
    I don’t think there are enough Western stories out there, so I can’t wait to read this one. It sounds very intriguing. I’m looking forward to reading Maggie and Collier’s story.

  10. Danielle West

    I am usually not a cowboy fan… but this cover is leaving me confused and the blurb sounds amazing! Thanks for the giveaway, would love to win!

  11. I love the cover she looks so innocent–wonder if looks are conceiving? There is something about the 18oo’s that I really enjoy. This books sounds enticing indeed.

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