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Today we have author Josee Renard here to talk to us about what aspects of erotic romance she things appeals to readers. Take it away Josee!

I love this question – mostly because it’s something I keep thinking about. What makes erotic romances so popular? Why do readers (and I include myself in that category as I’m a reader as much as I am a writer) love them so much?

If you look on the shelves at your favorite bookstore, you see sexy, naked men everywhere. That’s the first reason why women love erotic romances – the men are hotter, sexier, more gorgeous than Mr. Darcy or Jason Statham – and that ain’t easy. But it’s not just the sexiness that draws us in – it’s the romance, the happily ever after (or at least the happily for right now). We like happy endings. We like relationships that work out. We like men that don’t just love women, they like them.

And then there’s the great sex, the great graphic sex, the sex that makes us hot, tells us about things and positions and toys we’d never considered using. It gives us ideas we can use on our own man. Who could complain about that?

The other thing that works for me is this. I love the sensuality of erotic romance. I love the way, when it’s written well, I can experience every single one of my senses. I can taste the sweat beading on his torso, the coffee he had for breakfast, the salty tanginess of him. I can smell the male musk of him, that scent that draws me in every single time. I can smell his aftershave, the shampoo he used, the smoke from the campfire if he’s a cowboy. I can see the way our bodies fit together, the soft curves of female hips held down by the sharp angles of the male. I can touch it, feel it all – from the soft slide of clothes being removed, the rasp of hair against my breasts, his tongue on my nipples, in my mouth, and… everywhere else. And I can see the love in his eyes, the lust that harshens his face, the jut of his cock against his jeans.

That’s why erotic romance works for me, and I’m willing to bet that’s why it works for a whole lot of women, even if they haven’t consciously thought it out. There’s nothing more erotic than romance, and nothing more romantic than hot, steamy sex.

And that’s what you’ll find in the ten part serial Part Time Lovers. Ten stories, ten erotic stories, linked together by the Part Time Lovers website. The first story – That’s What Friends are For – is being released on Wednesday, August 10 from Cobblestone Press. The second story – Treat Myself – will release two weeks later on August 24.

Below is a little glimpse into Part Time Lovers. If you’re interested, keep your eye open, for excerpts, contests, prizes – I think you’ll enjoy it.



Welcome to Part Time Lovers

This is your invitation to play, to experiment, to fulfill your deepest, darkest fantasy or get down and dirty – and then walk away. No regrets, no recriminations, no rules.

We  want  you to make the rules for your encounter. There are no forms to complete, no wish lists, no compatibility tests. Just jump right in. Part Time Lovers is about hooking up with the right person for right now.

We know your desires change—maybe even from one day to the next—because ours do. We created this Website to accommodate every single one of your desires.

This week you might want a quick fuck; next week that high school fantasy or the hot vampire you just read about in your favorite book. Part Time Lovers is the place for you to find your dream lover.

So come on in. Someone is waiting for you.

Mercy and Jules


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Josee has also offered up an ecopy of What’s New Pussycat. Just leave a question or comment for Josee to be entered to win. Giveaway ends August 16th. Good Luck!

9 thoughts on “Guest Post – Josee Renard”

  1. Great post! You described, really, really well, what I like about erotic romance. And I’ll definitely be checking out Part Time Lovers – sounds like lots of fun! What is your favorite genre/sub-genre to read? Who is your favorite author?


  2. I absolutely agree with all your reasons for liking erotic romance. I also have to add that I feel like it fits more to my age. I’m 28 and it’s kind’ve with the times to be more open about sex and to different happenings in the bedroom. I’m not old, nor was I born long enough ago that I want to read my grandmother’s romances, I want spice in my love story!


  3. Karen – I read 5-10 books a week so it’s hard to have a favorite genrre! But I especially love books that have a little fantasy in them – sexual fantasy. I like role playing and a little paranormal in my books.

    I don’t have a single favorite writer but I love Emma Holly – there’s a novella of hers that I read over and over again – it’s in an anthology called Hot Spell. It just blows me away. I’ve read a few of her other books as well and I love them. I also really enjoy Anna Leigh Keaton – especially her Incognito books and her new series with Carina Press It’s about shapeshifters and it’s as hot as can be. But, honestly, iIf you gave me another few days I’d give you a whole giant list.


  4. Heather – I’m older than you (and I won’t say by how much :), but I’m totally with you – about real life and books. I do, occasionally, read a sweet romance that I love but most of what I read and love is pretty spicy!


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  6. Your critique of why we love erotic romance seems perfectly logical. I think that women are especially apt to rely on/use all their senses in all aspects of their daily lives, often more so than men it seems.

    You gave great reasons for reading erotic romance, so my question is as follows: what do you find most challenging about writing it? For example, is the sex more or less challenging than the plot, characterization, etc.?

  7. Rosie – great question and I’m not 100% sure I can give you an answer. I think it depends how deep I am into the writing of it. If I’m immersed in it, engrossed, enchanted, then all of it is easy for me. But characterization is always my favorite part of writing and plot my least, so if I have problems, it’s usually with plot. Sex, however, often shows characters for who they really are – so I like that part of it!


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