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Publisher: Harlequin Blaze
Publish Date: Out Now
How I got this book: NetGalley

Real cowboys aren’t born. They’re made…

Logan Carswell has just kissed his professional baseball career goodbye. Goodbye dreams, career and future. For now, though, he’s working at the Last Chance Ranch and the town saloon, where sexy bartender Caro Davis is definitely taking his mind off his troubles…

Caro’s days have been so hectic, she’s forgotten all about the finer aspects of life. Like men. And sex. And really smokin’–hot sex with men like Logan. But when their two worlds collide—and boy, do they ever collide—they both realize that once the gear is off, a cowboy is still a cowboy!
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What could be better than a baseball star turned cowboy? I was officially in book hero heaven with this read. My first ever Thompson book and she blew me outta the water with this one.

Caro is a small town girl dealing with some pretty large problems. Her grandmother is sick and had to be put in a home, she recently moved out of the only house she knew, and is working and living over a bar. When city boy Logan comes to her small town for a wedding, the two are instantly attracted to each other. Although Caro knows that Logan won’t stick around forever, she is still determined the have as much fun as she can before he goes.

Logan is down in the dumps. His big major league career is over, his knee is busted up, and he is wallowing in self-pity. But the trip to the small town has everything to get him back on track. From Caro’s bubbly and optimistic personality, to the town who worships him, he really starts to feel more like a man and less like a failure. When things between him and Caro become more than just sex, Logan has to decide what he wants most: a small town life, or the hustle and bustle of the big city.

For a Blaze book, I didn’t find this one to be as erotic as some others I have read. Thompson did an amazing job of developing the characters early on, getting me hooked and reeling me in. I absolutely loved the romance in this one. I thought that Logan and Caro, while obviously attracted to each other, also had a little something extra from the moment they laid eyes on each other. They were sweet to each other, loving, caring and very almost fairy tale like. Once the romance got started, I really didn’t want to put this one down.

There were a couple times that I wanted to smack Logan upside the head. At times he came across as a spoiled and whiny baby. Granted he went through a lot and was in a really crappy place and all that, but he did quite a bit of complaining and moaning about his new life. He had quite a few pity-parties and while I understand he had to go through it all to get to where he needed to be, I thought he should have had a little bit of drive to find something new to do with his life.

I loved Caro. She was sweet and so optimistic about everything. Despite all the hard and crazy things she went through, she still had a sunny outlook on life. She was passionate about work, her small town, her hobbies and most of all about getting Logan back into life. She was absolutely dedicated to the other people in her life, and it made her so likeable. When Logan hurt her I wanted to cry along with her. Thankfully his grand gesture was enough to make up for all the wrongs.

Many of the secondary characters were very engaging as well. I’m definitely going to go back and read more from Thompson’s backlist, especially these cowboy books. Add in the small town quirks and characters and I think this miniseries will be one that I will go back and re-read again.

All in all I really enjoyed my first Thompson experience. Her writing is engaging and fun. The plot moves quickly and seamlessly through the story. I loved the characters and will be going back for more.

I give Cowboy Like Us an A-


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