Review – He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not by Lena Diaz

Publisher: Avon Impulse
Publish Date: Out Now
How I got this book: NetGalley

Four years ago, Amanda Stockton was forced to play a serial killer’s twisted game of chance. Bearing the scar from her ordeal and the burden of a terrible secret, she retreats from the world around her. But when another woman dies clutching a long-stemmed red rose, Amanda knows she can hide no longer.

If there were any other way, Chief Logan Richards would never ask the only surviving victim for help. But it’s clear this killer will not be stopped and Amanda is the only link. Torn between catching a madman and winning the trust of the woman he’s come to love, Logan and Amanda are caught in a dangerous game. And there’s no guarantee they’ll come out on top.
*Blurb from NetGalley*

They say to never judge a book by its cover, and that statement couldn’t be more true with this. I haven’t been impressed with any of the Avon Impulse covers, but at the same time, I was extremely pleased with this story.

Amanda lives her life in fear. After escaping from a serial killer years before, she has been living a shadowed life. When a murder with the same M.O. happens in her small town the guilt builds and builds until she wants to do everything she can to help find the murderer. With the help of the Police Chief Logan she starts to live life.

Logan is running from his past, and thinks the only way he can redeem himself is to come back to his hometown and try and solve a case that he made a small mistake on years past. When a serial killer comes to town and he starts falling for the only eye witness, things start heating up. With Amanda’s life in danger, Logan’s growing feelings, and virtually no leads, the case twists and turns. When the smoke clears and all is said and done, will Logan and Amanda be left alive for a chance at life?

I am so glad that I requested this book. I’ve been on a big romantic suspense kick lately, and this one kept me guessing at each and every turn. The suspect was a secret that was well kept and figured out little by little. I liked that constant not knowing and wondering who the killer really was. It kept the story moving and kept me completely engaged.

Amanda and Logan were two great characters. They were both living their lives with varying levels of guilt and fear. Amanda dealing with the trauma of her previous capture by a serial killer as well as the guilt over her friend dying while she got away. Logan was living with the guilt of letting a perp get away back when he was a rookie, and was barely able to forgive himself for his mistake. When that mistake comes back and rears it’s ugly head, showing up in connection to the killer after Amanda, that guilt and self-loathing jumps to a whole new level. Together they had a ton of issues, but every time they were together they brought out the best in one another, and I really liked that about their relationship.

I really enjoy the secondary characters as well. Pierce, the FBI Agent who has been tracking the serial killer for years was a favorite of mine, and I sincerely hope that Diaz has the chance to write his story – let us know what was going on with him and Logan’s sister. I also loved the female officer Karen, and almost cried when she gets wrapped up in the violence of the serial killer.

While the mystery and suspense of who the killer was, who the next victim would be, and the killer’s motive kept me at the edge of my seat, it did at times feel like it was moving a little slow. Some of the down time between Logan and Amanda felt as if it could have been shortened a bit, but it wasn’t drastic enough to keep me from turning the page quickly.

All in all this romantic suspense from Avon Impulse was a great read. The characters were fun and real and honest. The plot twists and turns kept me wanting more and more. The romance was sweet and slow building and despite some huge communication issues, ended perfectly.

I give He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not a B+


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