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Welcome to the next stop on the WOLFIE WORLD TOUR. And now I have to do a 180-degree turn because someone asked me… what the heck a wolfie was.



Okay, I know. It’s not the usual name for a group of paranormal people who can shift into wolves. It’s not my fault—I didn’t make it up. Really! Shortly after the first book released I got mail from readers asking when the next wolfie book was going to be out. I thought it was a fun, somewhat appropriate, a little off the wall name, and I ran with it. The wolves in my worlds have been referred to as wolfies ever since.

But if you’ve never read one of the books, maybe it’s confusing. So I asked on Twitter. “What’s the difference between a werewolf and a wolfie” just to see what the people following me thought.

:headdesk: The results were TOO FUNNY.

First off, one of my best friends didn’t know the story and thought I’d come up with the wolfies as a marketing thing. If only I was that smart. Then I got a few answers that made me snort. Things like:


Sounds like the werewolf equivalent of a buckle bunny! (Oh dear! Probably not what you intended, right?)

IDK – but if I had to guess….a werewolf is a noun and wolfie sounds more like an adjective.

Obedience training.  (I swear I spewed Coke on this one. Read the question again and then this answer.)

Werewolf = badass killer Wolfie = harmless pet J  (To which I replied: Shaun’s not gonna like THAT)

But I think my favorite of them all is this one by Renae_Jones:

Wolfie: less likely to rip out your grandmothers throat and leave it on your doorstep as squishy fun surprise.


THAT, my friends, sums up the wolfies nicely. They have traits of wolves in them. The pack hierarchy, the Alpha, the Omega. They like being around others, they find comfort in the pack. My wolfies mate for life, and they know that mate by scent and other clues. Doesn’t mean they don’t have to work to have a good relationship.

A couple other differences between Weres and my wolfies. The full moon doesn’t cause a shift although it can help a new wolf, especially a grown wolf, who’s changing for the first time. And the full moon is ritualistically used in wolf culture. But it’s not the ‘oh noes! I’m gonna change against my willllllll…..’ kinda thing.

There’s only being a human, or a wolf, no in-between creature like some were stories. And bonus for my world—shifting feels good. Unlike those poor creatures in some stories who go through hell every time they shift. I know, it makes sense for shifting to be painful. But I’m too wimpy to be mean to my wolves. So instead? It’s like this:

Maggie bowed politely to the captain of the team, backing away with deference before leaping into Erik’s arms. “I can do this. I really and truly can do this.”

He patted her cheek. “I knew you could. Now get naked, little wolf, and let’s go for a run.”

Stripping off her clothes was freeing. Seeing the admiration in her mate’s eyes brought even more pleasure. But the sensation of shifting itself was almost orgasmic. Last night she’d been too worried she wouldn’t be able to shift, she’d missed the awesome physical rush. Today she experienced it fully, moaning with delight.

“Are you going to do that every time you shift? Because, holy shit, that was hot…” Erik nudged her flank and her wolf took control, teasing and rubbing against her mate. “Whoa, sweetheart. We’re in the middle of a contest. Remember? As much as I enjoy sex with you, now is not the time. Rein her in.”



Let’s see, anything else? Oh. Sarcasm. Even with the rules of the pack, or maybe because of them, your typical wolf has a decent sense of humor. Poking fun at others is almost a requirement that says ‘I care about you.”

Light-hearted, happily ever afters. Wolfies. There you go.


If you leave a comment today, you’ll be entered to win a gift card for $50 to the book store of your choice. As well, check out my blog for the daily Friends of the Wolfies giveaway. And come back tomorrow and there will be an exclusive excerpt from BLACK GOLD  to enjoy.

UPDATE: Multiple entries will NOT count.

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  1. I like the different definitions of wolfies. I can’t wait to get caught up on the Wolfies and then read the new book. Thanks so much for the great post.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  2. Hi, I wanted to thank you for the tour its been awesome. I like wolfie for werewolves it sounds less serious.

    psigirl74 at yahoo dot com

  3. Having read the Granite Lake series, I think “Wolfies” is the perfect name for your wolves. It conveys that irreverent sense of fun that the stories all share. Looking forward to the new series.

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