Interview with Jill Shalvis

Today we have RITA award winner Jill Shalvis at The Book Pushers to talk to us a little about her newest release, Animal Attraction.

Jill is a contemporary romance powerhouse, having been published by Harlequin, Penguin and Hachette. She has written everything from sexy firefighters to baseball stars to small town All-American alpha heroes. Her newest series, published through Berkley, is about a group of small town animal loving heroes. (who doesn’t love a sexy alpha man with a soft spot for kittens?!)

Jill, welcome to The Book Pushers!


The Book Pushers: Can you tell us a little more about Animal Attraction?

Jill: Well we’ve got a sexy veterinarian (and rumored woman whisperer!) and the no nonsense woman who runs his vet center. Dell’s not big on love but Jade has this way of bringing out a protective nature in him. And a crazy desire they can’t seem to fight.


The Book Pushers: How many books are planned for the Animal series?

Jill: Animal Magnetism came out earlier in the year. Now we’ve got Animal Attraction. There’s another brother’s story to tell, so look for that to come soon.


The Book Pushers: Where did the idea behind the Animal series come from? Inspiration from a shelter, just a love of animals, watching a big burly man play with a tiny kitty?

Jill: All of the above? 🙂 I love animals. I also love big, sexy men. It was a no brainer to put them together…


The Book Pushers: On your blog, your stories of frat boy are hilarious. Did you get a lot of inspiration from him where you started writing the Animal series?

Jill: Frat Boy is a huge inspiration for me. He’s also a huge time sink. You have any idea how much time you can waste watching a puppy chase his own tail?


The Book Pushers: What projects are you currently working on?

Jill: Actually, I’m working on the next Animal book right now!


The Book Pushers: We are huge fans of the Lucky Harbor series! Please tell us there will be more books to come… Please?

Jill: You’re in luck! I’ve written three more Lucky Harbor books to come out next summer in June, July and August. Lucky In Love, At Last, and Forever And A Day. (I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed this series!!!)


The Book Pushers: Where did the inspirations for the Lucky Harbor cookbook come from? What recipe from the book is your favorite?

Jill: Ha. I wrote The Sweetest Thing, coming up with the most wild recipe titles I could for my chef heroine, and then it backfired when my editor came up with the idea of putting together a cookbook with those recipes. 🙂  My favorite recipe is one I stole from my husband, Good Morning Casserole. It’s my favorite because HE makes it, not me. 🙂


The Book Pushers: Have you ever thought about writing outside the contemporary romance genre?

Jill: I think I might have a suspense or two in me. And maybe a good old fashioned adventure. But for now, I’m happy in the sexy contemporary market.


The Book Pushers: Has there been any more news regarding the Pacific Heat series? (We are BIG fans of the books! Please write more!!)

Jill: I plan to write Gage some day very soon! I get more letters on him than anyone else!


The Book Pushers: What drew you to write about sports stars and their supporting casts?

Jill: I love sports. And who doesn’t love a sexy, fit athlete who will do anything for the win?


Thank you so much Jill for being here today! Everyone, remember to go out and buy your copy of Animal Attraction TODAY!


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  1. I’m so glad you asked her about the Pacific Heat series because ever since reading those books I feel like something’s missing in my life, and I think that something is Gage’s book… And I’m so happy to see that there will be more books set in the Lucky Harbor universe, Jill’s novella in the Small Town Christmas anthology is set in Lucky Harbor as well right? Great interview!

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