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Hot as Hades Cover
Publisher: Samhain
Publish Date: 11 Oct 11
How we got this book: From the Author

“It’s not easy being Hades. Constantly guarding his world against other meddling and ambitious deities is stressful work. So when a naked goddess falls directly into his lap, along with the news that he has to shelter her for the indefinite future, he is less than thrilled. Particularly since he can’t help but lust after the beautiful female.
The Underworld isn’t the first place Persephone would pick for a vacation—who in their right mind would choose a dark palace over sunshine and flowers? Yet from Hades’s first touch, the dark, sexy ruler fascinates her and has her thinking a fling might be just the thing to while away her confinement.
But trust each other? Not a chance. Until the day comes that Persephone must leave…and they realize that trusting each other is the only way they’ll ever meet again.
Warning: Contains an arrogant god, a stubborn goddess, horny deity nookie and enough supernatural friction to set the Underworld on fire.

This blurb came from the author’s website here.

1. Thoughts on the Hero

Lou – I loved Hades so much. He was sarcastic, he was immature, and he had a temper, but he was oh so funny. Alisha really made a wonderful character and hero out of him. I liked that he had a hidden soft side, but he also had a very very smexy side. The first scene when Sephie first met Hades was very erotic, and Alisha never fails to deliver on creating smexy scenes full of passion. Hades also had a big-ass responsibility to the Underworld, and whilst Alisha toned down Hades’ character, what he actually did was never swept under the carpet.

MinnChica – I loved Hades… He was funny and snarky and had this sweet side to him that made me want to give him a naked hug. =) I loved that he still wanted to retain his big, bad nasty reputation with everyone, except when it came to Persephone. With her he wanted to be just a man. It was sweet and endearing and made me fall in love with him that much more. Plus, the fact that he wanted to train her, teach her, help her grow her powers. *melt*

E – Hades was hilarious! He totally fit the image of the college frat boy who has been forcibly removed from his fellow boys and any fun environments so therefore decided to sulk. Yes he takes his job seriously but he doesn’t get to have fun so when he ends up with a lapful of a warm, wet (from her bath), naked woman that is bound to give him a shock. Hades even being the Lord of the Underworld has a line he will not cross which I think is what gives him the underlying ability to become the hero. He possesses a rather intriguing tattoo and a very funny dog. I really enjoyed watching him grow throughout the book and demonstrate that there was a lot more to him then the overly amorous frat boy he appears to be in the beginning. I also enjoyed reading his thoughts as he was trying to deal with Persephone and what her presence meant to his world.

2. Thoughts on the Heroine

Lou – Whilst I liked Sephie, I thought she was a weaker character compared to Hades in personality, and I felt she sort of paled in comparison to him. Whilst she stood up to him, and could be quite stubborn, I personally thought that she was almost like the secondary character to Hades. I would have liked to have seem more of her POV. I think the strongest part of the story was her interactions with Hades on a sexual level, which again was incredibly well done.

MinnChica – I too thought that Persephone took a back seat to Hades. He was so larger than life and came to life so quickly that she didn’t stand out as much to me. At the same time, I loved that she was both his opposite and perfect match rolled up into one. She was the light to his dark, the sweet to his tart, and she was able to bring out in him a playful side. I have to say though, I did enjoy watching her grow from the meek and feeble girl who landed in his lap, the the Queen of the Underworld.

E – Persephone is an intriguing combination of naïve, innocent and worldly. I will admit when I was first reading her physical description as seen thru Hades eyes I felt like she was extremely overblown but as Ms Rai continued to provide information about her world I picked up on what I thought was some very interesting symbolism. Then when I found out Persephone’s parentage (no not the same as the typical myth) it all made sense. I also liked how she could make things grow without requiring sunlight and that she could use her plants almost as extensions of herself. She also grew during the story and became a much more complete character not just a relatively powerless goddess who had to stay sheltered.

3. Favorite Scene

Lou – I think my favourite scene has to be the beginning of the story. It’s so funny, and Hades’ was hilarious with his quips and his banter to Sephie. Though I have to add all of the smexy scenes were favourites for me. Those are usually my least favourite, Alisha did them so well with the level of sexual tension and yes, dirty talk *grins*.

MinnChica – Oh this is a tough one. I loved the beginning as well. It started off sexy and dirty and just went downhill from there. It was fun and the teasing and innuendos were great. At the same time, I also loved the scene where Hades is talking to his brother Zeus and he talks about why he didn’t try and trick Persephone into eating the food and having to stay in the Underworld for good.

E – I think my favorite scene is when Sephie ties Zeus up with a vine, he can’t get away and she proceeds to go fight for her HEA. That to me was the culmination of all of Persephone’s growth into herself as a goddess worthy of the position she holds in mythology.

4. Dislike about book

Lou – My only dislike was that I felt Sephie wasn’t as strong a character compared to Hades. The external plot of why Sephie was sent to the Underworld wasn’t as strong as I would have liked, but for the short story length, it kept the story moving along at a good pace.

MinnChica – I would have liked a few more POV moments from Persephone as well. Like I said, we got such a good understanding of Hades, his point-of-view, his emotions and everything. I never felt that connect to her, and it would have been nice to have.

E – I don’t really have any dislikes. The one I thought I was going to have as I continued reading got smaller and smaller and then I saw how Ms Rai set things up so there went my quibble.

5. Any other misc. thoughts.

Lou – Overall, Alisha Rai has once again managed to create a cracking story with characters that burst off the page — and for me, the story was all Hades. I love him so! With smex scenes that make you fan your face, Hot as Hades is a great short story that I would definitely re-read again. I give it a B.

MinnChica – All in all I think Rai has another great novella here. The story is fun, moves quickly, and has some smokin’ hot scenes as well. Hades is such a lovable hero, and the twist on this classic myth was fun and different. I loved the moments with Zeus, and how all of the gods were portrayed. (am I the only one who is desperately hoping Rai will do a story about Zeus and Poseidon???) I give this one a B+

E – I enjoyed reading this and Ms Rai’s portrayal of Mount Olympus and the Greek gods and goddesses. I also like how she put her own spin on the story of Hades and Persephone. I think my favorite character is honestly Cerberus and his multiple personalities. I certainly hope that Ms Rai decides to tackle other myths and legends.
I give Hot as Hades an A-


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  1. @Mandi – Glad you enjoyed reading it. I like doing these joint reviews because we all seem to catch something a little bit differently that expands my view of the book.

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