We received an email about an organization called GoneReading, where all their proceeds go to building and funding reading libraries and literacy projects in the undeveloped world. So of course we said YES, we would love to spread the word.

Here’s what they’re all about, quote taken from their ABOUT US document sent to us in an email:

Gone Reading International – maker of the GoneReading brand of gifts for readers – was founded to bring the magic of reading to places where it doesn’t exist. “We believe that when people have open access to great reading materials, life always changes for the better,” says founder Brad Wirz.

That’s why GoneReading uses all year-end profits to fund new reading libraries and other literacy projects in the developing world. By purchasing GoneReading brand products, you’re changing the world while treating your friends and family to great gifts.

During a volunteer trip to Central America in 2010, Wirz helped to build a library in the middle of the Honduran jungle. “Hundreds of villages, thousands of people, had basically no access to books or reading materials at all. That just blew my mind,” says Wirz.

Here’s a link to their site: http://gonereading.com/

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