Joint Review – Alien Proliferation by Gini Koch

Publisher: DAW
Publish Date: Out Now!
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Alien Super-Being Exterminator Kitty Katt is expecting her first baby. But the alien attacks are getting more dangerous, and now Kitty and her* Alpha Centaurion husband, Jeff, have to find out who’s behind the conspiracy to kill Kitty’s secret agent mom and what caused Kitty’s transformation into a superhuman-and they’ve got to do it all before the baby shower…
*Blurb from Goodreads*

Has: Alien Proliferation is the fourth book in Gini Koch’s high octane scifi romantic series and this installment follows up from the last two books with major life changes that Kitty and Jeff have to face, emotionally and physically. I always look forward to a new book in this series because I know it will have humour, outlandish mutants, conspiracies and a very sexy romance which is still hawt and smokin’.

Alien Prolifiration, starts off with Kitty pregnant with her first child but again is in the midst of another conspiracy that threatens the Alpha team.  I am wary when this type of plot-point is introduced in a long running series but I have to say it was a great development with the series and characterisation.

MinnChica: Alien Proliferation starts with Kitty ,*pregnant and on bed rest, ready to get on with kicking ass and taking names. One of my favorite things about this series is how hilarious and fun Kitty is. She is sarcastic and witty and I know I can count of her to have me cracking up throughout the book. For some reason the last book in the series felt as if it moved a little slow for me, but this one picked up the action back to the high-caliber I’m used to.

Has: I totally agree! I found the action and pace back to AC speed and although I did find some plot points hard to follow because it was so fast and ever-changing the humour and the characters made this a really fun romp.  I especially love the moments with Kitty being pregnant and then giving birth and being a mother and she never really stood back and was diminished because of her new role.

I also liked that the major ARC followed plot points from the previous books and I did like how it all tied together with the major conspiracy plot-line which makes it feel that adds to the world-building. However there was a new development with Kitty that I hope doesn’t overpower her but adds more complications to future books.

MinnChica: I agree, with Kitty going through some of the changes she did post-pregnancy, I hope that it adds more problems for her. She has always seem to have it very easy to solving the problems, saving the day. With her now extra bump, I just hope that it comes at a cost and that Kitty doesn’t become any more perfect than she already is. =) One of the things I was really happy with in this book is that Koch spent a lot of time developing the love between Kitty and Jeff and the baby. It was obvious how precious the baby will be to the future of the series, and at the same time it was so easy to see just how much the baby had Kitty and Jeff wrapped around it’s little finger. Heck, I’m already totally in love with the little tyke.

Has: I know! This was definitely a highlight in the book and I think it really cements their relationship and the fact they are a family unit now and I love the fact that a long-running series can go into this direction without losing track of the ongoing arc or not facing dangerous situations. I think Gini Koch made this work and I am looking forward on how this is developed in the next book.

MinnChica: One of the things that had always worried and bothered me a little in the previous books was how Kitty always seemed to attract every man within a mile radius. So many of the men were in love with her, and while she was so obviously only with Jeff, it still worried me. In this book however, Koch did a great job of showing the other men moving on. Christopher fans will get to see him fall for a new girl (one who adores him like crazy) and even Chuckie is ready and willing to move on, and it’s obvious. Now if only we can work on Jeff’s jealous rages… *wink*

Has: I really liked that! Although the scene when Chuckie eggs on Jeff made me giggle out loud and I do hope he carries on with the same effect in future books.

I think it will be hard to pick up this book without reading the previous installments but, Alien Proliferation will make fans happy with the new changes that Kitty and Jeff face as a new family as well as the new ones that the supporting characters experience. Reading this book felt like cuddling next to an alien Poofs, it is warm and cuddly on the emotional side but can be full on with action at the next moment!

I give Alien Proliferation a B-

MinnChica: Oh this series definitely needs to be read in order! All in all I liked this book over the last one. I love the direct that Kitty and Jeff have taken for both their personal and professional lives, and am anxious to see where the series is going to go in the future, especially since we left with quite a few questions unanswered. I think the only thing that I didn’t enjoy was that Koch seems to weave SO MANY different sub-plots into the story that the book can feel like it just goes on and on. However, it’s become a common theme, so I think I’ll probably have to just get used to it!
I give Alien Proliferation a B-

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