Team Outcast FTW!

Truckers vs Outcasts

While we, The Book Pushers, might appear mild-mannered unless we are engaged in the business of pushing books but when it comes down to picking sides well lets just say the more badass the better! We introduced Moira Rogers’ Children of the Undying in our New Series Spotlight and we also reviewed Demon Bait the novella that started it all. In Demon Bait we got to meet some of the Outcasts and heard mention of the Truckers. Going along with our preference for badasses in Team Truckers vs Team Outcasts debate we are on Team Outcast FTW! In fact we are so firmly on Team Outcast that we are going to give you our one on one showdown so you can join us.

First up are the two leaders: From Team Outcast Zel, “It’s too bad his demon nature is more suited to savagery than statesmanship.” From Team Trucker Devi, “She’s loyal to her people, but fully capable of throwing you to the demons if you threaten those she cares about.” Given their personalities Zel would have no mercy if you got in his way or posed a potential threat while Devi would only react if you threatened someone she cared about. Judges response: Zel wins unanimously!

Second match: In the Outcast corner we have Hailey, “Hailey knows if you’ve been bad or good, and will make you regret it if you try to lie to her.” Representing the Truckers is Tanner, “Speaking of secrets… Tanner is the original man of mystery.” Unlike the first match up which was mostly about leadership styles this one is about the greater good for their group. Hailey solves problems and keeps people together by cutting through all of their BS. Tanner on the other hand starts problems and spreads unrest wherever he goes. Judges decision: Hailey wins 2 to 1.

Third match: Coming up for the Outcasts is Lorenzo, “He’s also the iron fist that will crush any halfblood caught using magic to cross the line between seduction and coercion.” Warming up for the Truckers is Juliet, “As Devi’s resident weapons expert, she’s at the front of any battle–and is usually the one to end it.” Now we get to the enforcers…Lorenzo takes care of anyone who breaks the Outcasts’ most important rule separating them from the true demons. Juliet ensures she is always where the fighting is the most ferocious and is the reason Devi’s crew wins any battles they encounter. Judges after fierce deliberations declare this one a tie.

Match Four on your cards tonight goes straight into the communications lifeline. The Outcasts’ connection to the rest of the world is Trip, “Whether it’s security, communication or entertainment, he’s the final word on computing in virtual reality among the outcasts.” Cache, who is only really comfortable on the Truckers’ network, “If you get on her bad side, she might just hack your brain.” Trip does what he can to keep the Outcasts connected but he still has things to learn. Cache has been forced to find ways to make the network compensate for what she has lost so she can make it do anything she wishes. Judges remarks: Cache wins this one 2 to 1.

For the final match tonight we have two “ordinary” team members: Closing the ticket for the Outcasts is Jai, “but Jai has done his best to adjust to a life with human rules, even if he’s more demon than man.” The Truckers last contestant is Shane, “If it runs on electricity, Shane can build it, fix it or enhance.” Jai, well he really isn’t going to play by the rules and ensure that Shane has anything electrical to use. Shane has to have electricity and it isn’t always available outside of protected enclaves. Judges decision: Jai wins!

So as you can see while Team Truckers put up their best effort and actually won one of the matches the overall winner is Team Outcast. If you think you have the skillz to join Team Outcast bring your best to the match!

This post is part ofΒ Moira Rogers’s Post-Apocalyptic Trucker vs Outcast Showdown. A comment on this post will enter you to win your choice of a NOOK Simple Touch, or a Kindle Touch or Kobo Touch with special offers. For rules, details on more ways to enter or information on how to pick your own side, visit the contest page atΒ Moira Rogers’s website.

44 thoughts on “Team Outcast FTW!”

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  2. I’ve been on the fence as to which side to be on but after this post I’m Team Outcast! Unless I read another’s blog post that can sway me to Team Trucker. Hum, I’m going to have to do some searching of the Teams! This could take a while to make my final decision. LOL!

  3. comparing truckers n outcast.. hmm definitely OUTCAST. they’re soooo cooolllll
    go Outcast!!

    sienny (

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  5. I roll with the Truckers…and our Team is gonna roll right over the Outcasts!


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