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Both myself and E did a little happy dance and fan girl squeeing when Shiloh agreed to come onto the blog here and do a guest post for us. We’ve been big fans for a long time, and look forward to stalking meeting Shiloh in a few months when she makes an appearance at the Tucson Festival of Books. In the meantime, Shiloh is here to talk to us a bit about her newest release The Departed, and her New Year’s Resolutions.

My New Years Book Resolutions

Um. Okay, so this shouldn’t be a New Years thing.  I don’t do resolutions cuz I never stick to them.  If I’m going to do something, I need to just do it.

But in the spirit of New Years, let’s make some book resolutions.

Fun ones, though.

I can’t make one like… I’m not buying another book until I finish my TBR stack.

I’m a compulsive book hoarder and I have no shame about it.  I covet, hoard and greedily buy many, many books.

But I do need to read more of them.

So.  My resolutions:

  • I always buy new to me authors and then forget to read the books, and end up giving them away because I forget why I wanted to try them.  Need to stop doing this so much.
  • I need to quit leaving books I buy in the car because kids tear them up.
  • I need to try reading more horror books again.  I fell out of it a few years ago and keep telling myself to read more…used to love horror.  Dunno why I’m not into it now.
  • I need to go through my shelves and get rid of the books I’ve read that I won’t read again. Why? Because it makes room for more books…

Okay… how about you?  What’s your book resolutions?

And since I’m kinda supposed to be mentioning my books…let’s get that out of the way. J

THE DEPARTED…I keep telling people this is the story of an asshole…Because the hero took a very long time to grow on me.  I wasn’t going to write a book for him. Ever.  But I kept getting asked.  And Asked. And ASKED.  And people kept asking why is he like that…

After hearing it so many times, I finally started to wonder myself…just why was he like that?

And he finally told me.

This is his story…

As Dez lowered her gaze to stare at the glass of whiskey, Taylor stared at her. She was still off–her color ashen, her hands shaking. Every once in a while, a shudder would wrack her body and he’d glimpse something in her eyes that just about tore his heart out.

Whatever it was, he couldn’t protect her from it, either.

“What happened out there, Dez?” he asked softly.

She shot him a look through her lashes. “I . . .” Her voice trailed off and she sighed, leaning back into the cushions of the couch. “I’ve been aware of something ever since Tristan moved on. A ghost. Old. Faint. Her presence . . . she feels young.”

Taylor tensed. His heart slammed against his ribs. Casually, he leaned back against the windowsill. “She?”

“I think.” She gave him a strained smile. “And I can’t even be sure that’s who I touched today. I do know today was a girl.” She lifted the glass to her lips but her hands were shaking so hard, the whiskey was splashing out.

Taylor went to her. Dread curled through him, flooding every last inch of him. Not Anna, not Anna, not Anna . . .

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And if you’re curious… LOL… I’ve got another book out at the end of the month.  IF  YOU SEE HER, the second book in my ASH trilogy.

So.  Now…about those book resolutions… what are some of yours?

6 thoughts on “Guest Post with Shiloh Walker”

  1. What a fun guest post. Thank you for joining us. I have to admit that I didn’t read The Missing until last weekend but having done so I can’t wait to find out how you manage to make Taylor into a hero.

    My book resolution is to keep my goodreads account updated. Wish me luck on that one :).

  2. Great post. My book resolution would be to get them off the floor and into the bookcase my son got me for Christmas. It’s just the organizing seems daunting :).

  3. My book resolutions are:
    1) More bookcases so I can finally unpack all of my books. (i moved into my apt 3 years ago and books are still in moving boxes).
    2) Read at least three “older” books in my TBR pile before my birthday in June. I constantly buy new books so the TBR pile keeps growing and then older books get pushed down the line.
    3) Try at least 2 new to me authors. Any suggestions?

  4. Hmmm…@ Shawna, hard to say without knowing who you read. Authors I like… Ilona Andrews, Lynn Viehl/SL Viehl, Stacia Kane, Nora Roberts/JD Roberts, Patricia Briggs, Larissa Iona, Lauren Dane, Carolyn Crane… a new author I’m looking forward to trying is Myke Cole.

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