Review – His Secret Past by Katie Reus

Publisher: Carina Press
Publish Date: Out Now!
How I got this book: NetGalley

Six years ago, Alexis Baptiste’s world was turned upside down when Hunter Cassidy disappeared without a trace, leaving her alone and pregnant. She’s finally moving on with her life when he resurfaces, just in time to rescue her from a would-be assassin. Forced to join him on the run to protect herself and her young son, Alexis is now in even more danger: danger of falling for Hunter all over again.

Betrayed by rogue CIA agents after infiltrating an infamous drug cartel, former DEA agent Hunter Cassidy has spent years trying to clear his name. He’s not proud of the things he’s done, and knows he doesn’t deserve a future with Alexis, or the son he never knew he had, but he’s determined to protect them from the men who ruined his life. Convincing Alexis to trust him—and denying his feelings for her—is going to be the hardest mission he’s ever faced.
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I was excited for this book because the blurb instantly intrigued me. But after the first chapter or I was very hesitant to continue on, mainly because Alexis has a fiance, and her feelings for Hunter are all over the place.

Hunter left Alexis six years ago to protect her. Now – just when he thinks he is going to get his life back – someone is threatening her once again. Hunter is the only one who can protect not only Alexis, but the son he never knew he had. The man after Hunter will stop at nothing to use the only woman he loves, and his son to hurt Hunter.

Alexis is trying to move on with her life, and when Hunter comes rushing back in, all those feelings for him come along as well. The last thing she wants is to trust Hunter again when all he talks about is leaving, but her feelings for him are just as strong now as they were all those years ago. But with a fiance, a hitman after them, and constant threats to their lives, will they ever be safe and able to start over once again?

Like I said I was initially worried about reading this because Alexis doesn’t break things off with her fiance until almost halfway through the book. The tension between her and Hunter is incredible and the two have a couple moments where they almost give into their lust. Had that happened while Alexis was still with her fiance, I would have stopped then and there. Thankfully that didn’t happen and I was able to put aside my hesitations and continue on with the book.

I truly felt sorry for Hunter from the moment his story began unfolding. It was painfully obvious that he didn’t want to leave Alexis the first time, and that he was still head-over-hells in love with her. But as the book went on, it never seemed as if Hunter was able to get out of his depressive funk. He continued to think he was worthless – even after saving Alexis’ life multiple times, befriending and protecting his son, and giving up his life for his family. After watching him do heroic after heroic act, I started to get a little annoyed at his Debbie-downer attitude. Every now and then I like my tortured hero to have a little bit of self-worth, and Hunter didn’t get his until the very VERY end.

I enjoyed Alexis. She wasn’t one of those TSTL heroines who rushed into the unknown. She listened to Hunter, put her child first each and every moment, and when she had to, trusted what little instincts she had. When she finally put Hunter in his place and told him to quit acting like a baby I cheered for her. It was so great to see the heroine of a romantic suspense knock the hulking military man down a notch or two.

Although I was worried that their relationship would just annoy me – from the potential cheating to the woe-is-me attitude, I actually ended up really liking them together. Alexis wasn’t afraid to put Hunter in his place, and he wasn’t afraid to beg for her to come back to him. I thought that they ended up complimenting each other well, and was glad to see them work everything out.

All in all this wasn’t my favorite Reus book, but it did redeem itself more than even I thought possible. The suspense was well done, and I was taken by surprise by a twist at the end. I would have preferred a few changes in their early relationship, as well as Hunter coming to terms with his past a bit sooner – but that’s just me.
I give His Secret Past a C-

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