New Series Spotlight – Warriors of the Rift

It’s time for the February New Series Spotlight! If you love series books as much as we do, you’ll know that there are tons of them out there, and we don’t always find out about them right when they come out. So we are trying to help you find some new series reads. Each month we will feature a new up and coming series that we think you should know about!

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Today we have with us debut author Cynthia Garner, featuring her new series: Warriors of the Rift. My review will be posted later on today, and let me just say that I thoroughly enjoyed the first installment of this series! Let’s get right too it!


Once a generation, the rift between the paranormal world and the human world opens, allowing supernatural entities to cross. Vampire, demon, or shapeshifter, they can save the world—or send it spiraling into chaos.



For the last couple of years I’ve been hearing in the publishing industry that vampires are so 20th century, that if an author was going to write a paranormal romance with vampires, there had better be something that hadn’t been done before or no one was going to buy it. So my brain started working. How could I put a fresh spin on such an old topic? Then a news blurb about a meteor shower made the wheels turn faster (even though I decided I was not going to get up at 3 AM to watch it). And I asked the basic question… “What if…?”

Through all the what-ifs that followed, I came up with the idea that a comet (named after the members of my critique group at the time) passes by Earth every 73 years and, when it does, it rips open a rift between our dimension and another.  Inhabitants of the other dimension who’d been deemed undesirables by their governments—the criminals, political dissidents and religious heretics—are stripped of their bodies and held in containment fields, awaiting their final punishment. When the rift opens, their holding cells are opened and they get sucked into our dimension. With an instinct for survival that’s too strong to ignore, they come down to Earth and take over the first human body they come upon. The species they were in the other dimension dictates the reaction their hosts will have to the “invasion”. Some become vampires, some shapeshifters, some demons, etc.



Right now there will be three novels and one e-novella. The novels KISS OF THE VAMPIRE and SECRET OF THE WOLF, and the e-novella INTO THE RIFT come out this year. HEART OF THE DEMON will be released in 2013. Each book has a new hero and heroine, though some characters from previous books will make an appearance. All three books have an overarching villain and plot, which will be solved in the third book.


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