Review – Saving Sydney by Jenny Lyn

Publisher: Breathless Press
Publish Date: Out Now
How I got this book: eARC from author

Sydney Carson doesn’t have room in her life for the complications of a relationship. Her life is busy enough, what with having to referee her parent’s separation, keep her playboy brother out of trouble, and still manage to run her family’s busy real estate investment firm. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for personal needs.

But after bumping in to high school friend, Reece Myers, and feeling the searing heat of their instant chemistry, Sydney figures that finding time for the occasional hour of mind-numbing sex certainly couldn’t hurt. Or could it?

Reece Myers has finally gotten his life where he wants it. His blue-collar bar is a success, he’s got good friends, and a building nest egg in the bank. The only thing missing is the right woman to share that life with. He thinks he’s found her in the form of one long-legged, gorgeous redhead from his past, but the hard part is convincing Sydney it’s worth a shot.

Going in, Reece knows Sydney has money, but her sweetness and unassuming nature make it easy to ignore. However, when their personal and professional lives clash, the vast difference in their bottom lines shocks him back to reality. Can he overcome his insecurities for a chance at a future with the woman of his dreams?
*Blurb from Goodreads*

Lyn is a debut author with this novella, and I not only fell in lust with the cover, but the blurb sounded like it would be a good, fun, quick read.

Sydney lives her life cleaning up the messes of her family. Her brother is an irresponsible playboy, her mother is a little neurotic and her father is making some rather ridiculous decisions in both his personal and professional life. The little free time she has she spends either alone or with Reece, an old high school buddy she just reconnected with. She isn’t looking for anything serious, but Reece is sexy and okay with a no-strings relationships.

Reece is glad to have Sydney coming to him, but after a few months, he is starting to hope that they can spend more time together and start to develop an actual relationship. When Sydney needs a date to a benefit, he finally gets his chance to wine and dine her outside of the bedroom. As Sydney’s life crashes around her, Reece is there to pick up the pieces. But when Sydney is finally ready for more, will Reece be able to handle all the differences in their lives?

I thought this was a really cute debut novella. The relationship between Reece and Sydney was super sweet. It started off as a physical thing only, with Sydney making weekly trips to Reece’s office at his bar. But once Sydney started letting Reece into her life little by little, I loved watching her realize just how amazing it can be having someone to trust, someone to confide in, someone to hug when having a crappy day. I also liked that Reece gave Sydney the time to realize that she needed someone. He didn’t push her, but was always there in the wings, waiting for her to realize how great they would be together.

One of the other things I really liked was the development of Sydney and Reece’s characters. I’m always a big fan of slightly neurotic heroines, and Sydney was great fun to read. She was a little stuffy, a little OCD, and fun to read. I’ve always loved heroines who are set in their crazy ways, and come to grips with “normal” reality little by little. It’s also fun to watch the manly men in their lives ruffle their feathers. Reece did a great job of keeping her on her toes just enough so that she was able to really develop as a character. I loved that.

While I can understand where the main conflict came into play, especially for Reece, I also was not a huge fan of the way it all played out. Yes, I know plenty of men who get upset when their woman makes more money than they do, however it seemed to me as if Reece didn’t have a problem with it until Sydney told him her actual bottom line. I would have liked to see them talk it out more instead of get into the big blow out.

All in all I thought this Lyn book was a sweet debut. The romance was sweet and sexy at the same time, the characters were fun to read and cheer for. I hope that the secondary characters will be able to get a story of their own, as Lyn set them up well. I will be looking forward to more from Lyn in the future.
I give Saving Sydney a B-


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