Recent DNF

Here are just a few books that we’ve not finished lately:



Kristan Higgins’ Somebody to Love

When I first started reading it, I struggled at first because I didn’t know or catch the connection between all the characters. The heroine has two best friends, and they are married. Ethan is also the father of her son, and she’s stayed best friends with him and his wife. Ethan had a book of his own, but I skipped that after reading some reviews that made me not buy it.

The reason this is a DNF is because I felt the characters didn’t engage my emotions on any level, and the heroine got on my nerves. The heroine is a children’s author, and she’s one of those authors whose characters speak to her, and she speaks back to them. My eyes, they rolled pretty darn hard. Also, I didn’t feel sorry for the heroine at all who loses her trust fund and the big ole mansion, but still manages to get a free house. Heroine whines about said house, and all I could think of, am I supposed to feel sorry for her? She screams like a banshee because a bird manages to get into the room, and she petrifies the poor thing. Then she screams because a mouse manages to get up her pants leg. She also can’t be bothered to name the hero, and calls him Number one which I thought was such entitled and incredibly patronising behaviour. By then, I had my limit and sadly stopped reading.

Joan Kilby’s Gentlemen Prefer Nerds

This looked like a fun and cute read, but there’s one thing that I think a majority of readers don’t like, and that’s a TSTL heroine. The heroine in this made so many stupid mistakes and silly decisions that I just couldn’t respect her because not only did she enable the jewel to be stolen, but she doesn’t even OWN the shop. And instead of going to the police when they arrest her, she runs off with the hero (who has this secret super identity) and I just couldn’t read anymore of a very silly plot that wasn’t very good.



Blood of the Pride by Sheryl Nantus

I was so excited to read this book, mainly because the cover rocks and I haven’t seem much with cat shifters. However, I had a really difficult time getting into this story. The beginning is very slow and by the time I quit reading, I still didn’t really feel like I had a good understanding of what was going on. The heroine was very secretive and, IMO, whined a lot about her circumstances. I was hoping this could be a new favorite shifter book, but instead I ended up putting the book down after 50 pages or so.

Dark Sins and Desert Sands by Stephanie Draven

I’ve read some of Draven’s other works, and really enjoyed it. I love that she takes different aspects of mythology and the paranormal than the mainstream. However, with this story I’ve been picking it up and putting it back down since November. I could never seem to get past page 20 or so. The characters and story never hooked me, especially with the heroine having a form of amnesia. I’m not a huge fan of that trope. Unfortunately, I just can’t seem to get past the first few chapters and move onto the rest of the story.

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