Review – Western Ties by Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon

Publisher: Samhain
Publish Date: Out Now!
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Leah Hollister’s sex life needs a swift kick in the pants. Small-town Compton Pass, though, isn’t the place to explore her need for bondage. When she gets an invitation to a BDSM party out in LA, she wastes no time booking a flight.

Her plan to play anonymously is shot to hell when she runs into high-school crush Sawyer Compton—and he lays immediate claim to her.

Sawyer Compton commands total control, in and out of the bedroom. He never thought Leah could handle his darker urges, but one look at the white bracelet that marks her as a sub ripe for the picking, and he knows exactly how this night is going to end. With Leah in his bed.

Leah didn’t expect to enjoy the comfort Sawyer’s familiarity brings, even as his touch takes her to unimaginable heights of pleasure. When bad news from home sends him reeling, she’s more than prepared to offer him anything he needs: her body, her friendship. Even her heart—if Sawyer can loosen the reins over his own to accept her love.

Product Warnings
Invest in tissues. Lots and lots of tissues. Between spicy, set-the-sheets-on-fire bondage romps and the last Compass brother coming home, you’ll need them.
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Ever since Samhain offered the first book in this series for free, I’ve been hooked! (*Shakes fist at Samhain* Free ebooks = Best. Marketing Strategy. Ever.) Although the third book in the series didn’t work for me, I was anxiously awaiting the fourth and final book in the series. And, in my opinion, it was the best one yet!

Sawyer left Compton Pass to join the Coast Guard, and after a traumatic event at sea, is debating whether or not he wants to re-enlist. When he meets up with childhood friend and crush Leah at a BDSM party in LA, Sawyer finds his life taking a path he never thought possible. He takes Leah as his submissive for the weekend and has the best night of his life, only to receive the worst possible news the very next day – his father is dying.

Leah didn’t know that Sawyer was unaware of his father’s health, and after accidentally breaking the news, she takes him home with her and back to his family. As he struggles to deal with his family drama, Sawyer finds it difficult to be without Leah, his calm in a never-ending storm. They keep up their BDSM relationship, but it doesn’t take Leah long to want more than to just be Sawyer’s submissive, she wants a life with him.

I absolutely loved Leah and Sawyer together. They were so hot together, the chemistry sizzling off the page from the first moment they laid eyes on each other. This book started off with a bang – literally – as Leah and Sawyer were quick to fall into bed together at the BDSM party. And let me just say, after the first few chapters, I felt like I needed a cold shower and possibly a cigarette! *fans self* SO HOT! As sexy as the beginning was, I was glad to see Leah and Sawyer get the chance to really develop an emotional bond as well once they returned to Compton Pass. It was obvious that they were each other’s rocks, and I absolutely adored their relationship.

We also got a chance to see all the brothers again, with their wives, as they said goodbye to their father. I don’t remember the last time I had so many tears streaming down my face while reading a book. The love and devotion of those boys to their parents was so beautiful to read, and even thinking about it now is bringing tears to my eyes. When the boys take off their shirts and show off their tattoos… *sob* That sub-plot was wrapped up so beautifully and wonderful.

I am so sad that this series is coming to an end, but thought it played out perfect. I can only hope that Carr and Rylon continue to write sexy cowboys together. I love their writing – the characters are so real, the sexy times are SUPER hot and the stories are beautiful!

All in all I thought the final book in the Compass Brothers Series was the perfect end to an amazing series. I loved everything about Leah and Sawyer and wish the story could have been longer so that we could have had more time with them. I loved the friends to lovers aspect, especially since Leah was the nerdy girl in high school and Sawyer was the end-all-be-all catch. Their romance was hot and sexy and sweet at the same time. This is a must-read story for smutty cowboy lovers!
I give Western Ties an A


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1 thought on “Review – Western Ties by Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon”

  1. I read the first two in this series but not the third, I just wasn’t feeling it for some reason. After reading your review I picked up the last. It was really good! I’m glad that I did. I really enjoyed Sawyer and Leah together but I didn’t get much of a BDSM vibe from him even though they met at the party. Maybe the circumstance of his father’s illness gave it a different kind of tone. I wished it was longer and that they could have had a longer time in LA before heading back to the ranch but they were really good together.

    I did love his and his brother’s relationships with their parents and with each other. Some definite sweet moment in this one and a definite tear jerker. I’m glad I caught this review. I forgot all about this series. It was nice to be able to catch the end of it.

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