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Natural EvilMs Harrison was gracious enough to agree to allow us to post an excerpt of Natural Evil and she is sponsoring a giveaway of one electronic copy to a commentator. It is open internationally so keep reading to enjoy the excerpt and find out how you can enter.

The woman came down on her hands and knees in front of his face. “Hey,” she said. Her voice was like the rest of her: strong, bright and clean. “My name is Claudia Hunter. Can you talk to me? I’d like you to tell me who you are, and who did this to you.”
He ignored her.
She said telepathically, Cat got your tongue? Come on, say something. Let me know you understand me.”
He closed his eyes.
“Don’t have anything to say? You were such a good boy earlier when you didn’t bite me. What a sweet, good boy, yes, you are.” She paused then crooned, “I think I’m going to name you Precious.”
His eyes flared open and shifted toward her in offended startlement.
The woman’s own gaze widened. Her eyes were gorgeous. She whispered, “Bloody hell. You are Wyr.” …
“Cable’s out already,” Jackson said. “Phones too. At this point we might get cell phone reception back before anything else. I’ve got a stash of movies in the house if you want something to watch”
“Thanks,” she said. “And thanks for picking up supper.”
“You’re welcome. How’s our boy?”
“Quiet. Eat with us?”
“Sure, why not,” said Jackson.
They ulatched the dining table from the wall and lowered it. She gestured for Jackson to slide around the L-shaped couch to sit. Then she took the end, so she could get out easily if needed. The suppers were typical diner fare and substantial, two fried chicken dinners with mashed potatoes and corn, and a pot roast stew with potatoes and vegetables. Dinner rolls filled a separate bag. She popped open two bottles of beer and set one in front of Jackson, the other at her place.
“Can he have more pain medication now?” Claudia asked.
Jackson checked his wristwatch. “If you can get him to take it. Wrap it in some of the bread and dunk it in a little gravy. If he won’t eat it, I can give him a shot.”
She stuffed a pill in a piece of bread and sopped it with rich, dark gravy. Then she held it to the dog’s nose. “Come on, Precious,” she murmured. “Eat the nums-nums, or Himself has to have a nasty old shot.”
The dog’s bitter-chocolate eyes narrowed on her in such disgust she had to grin.
“That really how you talk to him?” Jackson bit into a checken leg and said around a full mouth, “Can’t believe the dog hasn’t bitten you yet.”
“I know,” she said. “Can’t believe it myself. Isn’t he great? Think I might have to get him a rhineston collar. He’d look good in pink.” The Wyr snorted softly, but he made no move to take the morsel from her hand.

To enter this contest, leave a comment describing the fanciest thing you have seen a dog dressed up as or in. This post will be open for entries until Monday 26 Mar. Good luck!

18 thoughts on “Excerpt & Giveaway with Thea Harrison”

  1. I have a friend with two little dachshunds and she loves to make outfits for them. The best costume I have seen is a soldier costume, including a sling which holds the front leg up, for the boy and a nurse costume for the girl.

  2. My step-mothers sister has a dachshund that has a pink winter coat lined in fur. In the apt I live in there is one lady who takes her dog out for a walk, the only problem is the dog is in a baby stroller.

  3. Going out with the kids on halloween last year a little girl was dressed as a Bride in a white wedding dress. Her Groom was her boxer in a tie and black suit jacket

  4. I’ve participated in fund raisers for an animal shelter and we had a dog fashion show – one of the dogs was dressed in a bikini, but the cutest was a little pug in a tuxedo, including shoes.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  5. I have a friend that has weiner dogs and she dressed her up a harley biker so cute with the leather jacket and hat.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

  6. I saw my neighbor dressed up her chihuahua in a pink ballerina tutu. Cute as it is, I just feel sorry for her dog.

  7. In person, I haven’t really seen dressed up dogs except for bandanas or santa hats/reindeer antlers. In pictures the most outlandish have been doggies weddings with all the dog participants dressed up like humans would be.

  8. Cheryl Stanford

    My co-worker brought her dog to work on Halloween, dressed as Darth Vader…he was not a happy camper…but a good sport.

  9. I have pugs, and I dressed one up in a yoda costume, which didn’t turn out so well, and I have gone to dog shows at the local park and they always have a costume competition, and I’ve seen a lot of different costumes!!

  10. my neighbour used to dress her dogs up for halloween.. one year there was a batman and a superman (im not talking small dogs either.. these guys are huge!!)

  11. whitewolfreads

    None specifically come to mind but we do have an assortment of doggy T-Shirts for our Jack Russell Terrier (including a pink one that says “It’s a girl” because everyone kept thinking she was a boy even though her collar and leash and everything else is pink!).

  12. Linda Henderson

    I saw a poodle dressed up in a black leather jacket with a hat and shades once. Craziest thing I ever saw.

    seriousreader at live dot com

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