Fantasy Celebration: Introduction

Over here at The Book Pushers, we’re huge fans of the fantasy genre. I’ve always thought that it’s been under-rated and doesn’t get as much exposure compared to Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy in the blogosphere. So we’re having a Fantasy Celebration of sorts where we want to have everything Fantasy related because this genre deserves so much love and attention.

For me, being able to escape into a different world with different races, creatures is the pinnacle height of imagination, and there is serious skill in creating a new world and setting out its own rules.

Through out the two weeks, we have Interviews, Guest Posts, Reviews and Giveaways with authors, and bloggers.  I really hope that you’ll join us, and hopefully readers who haven’t yet tried reading in the genre, this might give you the incentive to dive in ;).

13 thoughts on “Fantasy Celebration: Introduction”

  1. I love fantasy!! And I agree it doesn’t get as much face time as UF and paranormal, so yay for you guys to feature it!

  2. I’m I have to be dragged in, kicking and screaming. I’m not a fan of fantasy. But, I’m going to keep an eye on this series. Maybe I’ll get inspired! Great idea for a feature ladies. 🙂

  3. @Estella: Hiya Estella. Thanks so much for commentating. I hope you might see some books that you’ll check out after the feature. 🙂

  4. Okay, Bookpushers, I have only read Sarah Monette, she writes dark fantasy with a host of other stuff thrown in there. Loved it so I am looking forward to seeing whatcha got.

  5. @Sophia (FV): I’m not a huge fan either, and the girls had to nudge me quite a few times too. Watch out for our joint review tomorrow… I think it might be something you would really enjoy!

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