Tucson Festival of Books Flash Giveaway 5

The rules are simple:
Giveaway starts Saturday morning and closes Sunday night. The winner will be announced that Monday.
All books are in print there will be no substitutions for an electronic version or a different book.
Since the books are autographed if something goes wrong during transient I am UNABLE to replace the prize.
Each giveaway will have some advice provided during one of the panels and a topic that must be answered in order to enter.

This week’s prize is a copy of The Missing by Shiloh Walker.

Stepping into Another World:
– Three different types of conflict: external, internal and romantic – Angela Knight

– People have a hard time relating to all-powerful characters. Make them flawed – Shiloh Walker

To enter leave a comment talking about your favorite flawed character. They don’t have to be the hero or heroine of that particular story but you have to say what makes them your favorite.

12 thoughts on “Tucson Festival of Books Flash Giveaway 5”

  1. My favorite flawed character of all time has to be Heathcliff from WUTHERING HEIGHTS. He is such a dark, brooding figure of a man. Unforgiving, relentless & consumed by his love for Cathy.

  2. I like Malkom from Immortals After Dark because he had a terrible past and wasn’t very sociable, but become a caring and protective person.

  3. Milla from Cry No More by Linda Howard is a favorite. She is obsessed with finding missing children and her own son in particular which caused her marriage to fail. I liked her because of her devotion to her cause.

  4. Dmitri from Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series is one of my favorite flawed characters! Very sexy and dangerous!

  5. Zsadist from the BDB series is my favorite flawed character. He really transformed in his own story, “Lover Awakened”. I could connect with him because I could see where he had come from and how much he didn’t believe in himself. With time and LOVE he saw things in himself he didn’t and I really liked that. He started off dark and vulnerable, despite being a vampire warrior and his internal conflicts were really tortured but he overcame them. His past doesn’t define who he is but it is part of the experience that pushes him to grow and conquer all the bad.

  6. My favorite hero is Angel from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” series. Angel is a tormented soul. He carries a curse that if he is ever happy, his demon-vampire self will emerge. His one true love for Buffy can never be fulfilled. He has to atone for the crimes of his demon-vampire to find redemption. He has to keep his demon-vampire self under wrapped so he is always brooding. He has given up Buffy and his happiness just to protect mankind.

  7. My favorite flawed character is Eve Dallas from the In Death series. She’s had a horrible past and it’s something she is still working to overcome. She’s also learning to accept that people want to be a part of her life and will love her.

  8. Jazz Tremaine from the HEX series by Linda Wisdom, she is a tough cookie, with a tender side, she really wants to do good, but just can’t seem to stay out of series.
    I also love Shiloh Walkers characters, strong, but yet vulnerable to love.

  9. Tori McAdams in Shiloh Walkers The Hunters series, she didn’t believe in any paranormal characters like ghosts, vampires etc, until she got bitten by one. I loved how she was vulnerable and had to trust Declan.I devoured this entire series. Love Shiloh Walkers characters.

  10. I recently read Chime by Franny Billingsley and I loved Briony, the main character. Her greatest flaw is her self-hatred and unwillingness to face the truth.

  11. Chess Putnam from the Downside books by Stacia Kane – a drug addict UF heroine with a history of abuse. Her bad choices get really annoying but you can’t help rooting for her.

  12. My favorite flawed character is Scarlett from Gone With the Wind. She thinks she’s doing the best thing for herself, family, friends, the land…but is not always correct.

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