Fantasy Celebration: We Want Your Feedback!

Now that we’ve wrapped up our (we think) extremely success Fantasy Celebration, we wanted to turn the tables over to you guys. Did you like it (we hope so!)? Was there anything we could have done better (please let us know!)? Would you like to see more genre specific features in the future (we are open to it!)?

Let us know in the comments below, or if you want email any of us through the contact page.

We couldn’t be more happy with the response we got. We’d like to thank:
Grace Draven
Kylie Griffin
Jia from Dear Author
Pati Nagle
Lynn Kurland
Ruth Long
Nadia Lee
Bree from Moira Rogers
Elizabeth Vaughan
Ilona Andrews
Angela James
Marsheila Rockwell
For their incredible guest posts, giveaways and being a part of our celebration! And we’d like to thank you for coming out to share our love of Fantasy.

7 thoughts on “Fantasy Celebration: We Want Your Feedback!”

  1. It was fun 😀 I got some new books for my wishlists.

    As for suggestions..more epic fantasy 😉 Cos yes I do love that more than rom fan

  2. I enjoyed it and picked up some great book suggestions. I liked how you included the range of fantasy options and made it clear which was which. I would love to see it again.

    I think it might be interesting to see a focus on mysteries with a dash of romance. That is another favorite genre of mine…Deanna Raybourn, JD Robb, CS Harris (who I have on my list but haven’t read yet) are some I am familiar with but would love to hear about others.

  3. I absolutely loved fantasy appreciation. I got to add to my TBR list and read some great posts by some amazing authors, hope you do it again!

  4. Barbara Elness

    I think your Fantasy Celebration was wonderful and I’d love to see similar genre specific features in the future. I can’t think of anything you could have done better, it was great.

  5. Love the blog! I’m always adding to be TBB and TBR list from here…suscribe by email, because I don’t want to miss out!

    The only thing I might like to see more of is upcoming releases…I love to preorder books!

  6. Many return thanks to The Book Pushers for inviting me to post an article. I had a lot of fun writing it (my brother thanks you all as well. ~grins~).

    I thought the theme week was fantastic, The mixture of reviews, articles and give-aways, not only by authors but by bloggers and reviewers as well was fantastic. Each offered a particular perspective on the fantasy and fantasy/romance genres. And who can’t like a chance to win some awesome books or learn about titles they’d never before heard of? The format you all used for this theme week had a great mix-it-up feel to it and made the theme week exceptional.

    If you do this again, and I sincerely hope you do, I’d like to see a theme week dedicated to historical romances that aren’t regency-centric. I love regency romance but would like to learn more about romances written in different time periods and/or cultures. Jeannie Linn’s work immeditely comes to mind, along with works that take place in Egypt, Dark Age Europe, Rome and Greece, Russia, etc.

  7. I want more YA books news alert, Steampunk, romantic suspense, mystery, historical romance, and more new authors interviews. We usually missed them.

    Thanks for all the great book reviews.

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