Tucson Festival of Books Flash Giveaway 7

The rules are simple:
Giveaway starts Saturday morning and closes Sunday night. The winner will be announced that Monday.
All books are in print there will be no substitutions for an electronic version or a different book.
Since the books are autographed if something goes wrong during transient I am UNABLE to replace the prize.
Each giveaway will have some advice provided during one of the panels and a topic that must be answered in order to enter.

This week’s prize is a copy of If You Hear Her by Shiloh Walker.

Stepping Into Another World:
– Your character must be in danger of his or her life – Shiloh Walker

World Building:
– Need to do research for SF/F world building especially if earth-like. Have to avoid the mistakes because someone will notice – Dennis McKiernan

To enter leave a comment talking about your favorite suspense or horror book and what made it stand out.

11 thoughts on “Tucson Festival of Books Flash Giveaway 7”

  1. It would be The House of Usher by Edgar Allen Poe. There is nothing more scary than being alive.

  2. My favorite horror novel is Threshold by Caitlin R. Kiernan. I cannot describe the style of horror that Kiernan weaves from Threshold, it’s quite unique. The monsters in this novel draw an extreme level of dread/suspense and that is the type of horror I love.

  3. MISERY by Stephen King: It was graphic, but more than that, just being at the mercy of someone else. It does not help that that someone else is deranged beyond expectations.

  4. I would pick Cry No More by Linda Howard since it has such a heartbreaking beginning that I want to know what happens to the heroine and to see her find some happiness.

  5. Chill Factor by Sandra Brown is my favorite. Great plot and interesting characters. The cold weather adds a more spooky element to the story.

  6. Blood Oath and The President’s Vampire by Christopher Farnsworth. I am in love with this series! It is a political thriller with a vampire as the kick butt (black ops) protagonist. There are a lot of other creepy things and people in these books too. I enjoy the fact that Cade, the vampire doesn’t think or act like humans (cattle), but has a code of ethics that he stands by.

  7. I recently discovered Sandra Brown’s books and I really like them. THE WITNESS is one of my favorite. So much suspense and action. These are two elements I really like in suspense/romantic suspense books.

  8. I like The Da Vinci Code because the story was very suspenseful and made you think about the meaning of things.

  9. Naked in Death by JD Robb is one of my favorites. I love the gritty feel, the sci-fi elements, and the intense mystery. The very tense romance is a plus too!

  10. Horror The Stand by Stephen King
    Suspense Eve series by Iris Johanson
    looking forward to reading this series. Love shiloh paranormal books.

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