Brook Street: Rogues by Ava March

Publisher: Carina Press
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London, 1822

Two of London’s most notorious rakehells, Linus Radcliffe and Robert Anderson, are the best of friends. They share almost everything-clothes, servants, their homes, and even each other’s bed on occasion. The one thing they don’t share: lovers. For while Linus prefers men, Robert prefers women…except when it comes to Linus.

As another Season nears its end, Robert can’t ignore his growing jealousy. He hates watching Linus disappear from balls to dally with other men. Women are lovely, but Linus rouses feelings he’s never felt with another. Unwilling to share his gorgeous friend another night, Robert has a proposition for Linus.

A proposition Linus flatly refuses-but not for the reasons Robert thinks. Still, Robert won’t take no for an answer. He sets out to prove a thing or two to his best friend-yet will learn something about the heart himself.

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I reviewed the first book in this series a while back, and enjoyed it. It’s not often I read m/m historical romances, so I dived back into this series to review the 3rd book.

Linus and Rob have best friends from childhood. Linus and Rob have shared each other’s bed on occasions for over 10 years, and in their early days, shared many beds with women – mostly to hide the fact that Linus was gay. Linus has always known he’s been gay, but Rob has always prefered woman. Linus has been the only man Rob’s ever been sexually attracted to. Lately, though, Rob has been jealous when Linus leaves ballrooms or functions with other men. And he’s come to the decision that he wants Linus and himself to be exclusive lovers. But Linus tells Rob no, because he knows that Rob can never give up women, and Linus knows he’ll be hurt when Rob leaves him.

This was a quick and nice read between two best friends cementing their relationship into something permanent and lasting. But I do have some issues with the book. I didn’t feel that strong of a connection between Linus and Rob, and at first I found Rob to be an incredibly selfish character. Linus has been in love with Rob for years, and because Rob suddenly decides he wants to be exclusive with Linus, he won’t take no for an answer. I found Rob to be incredibly annoying when he hounded Linus non-stop.

I also didn’t feel the connection between them. I didn’t believe that all of a sudden, Rob wanted to be with Linus forever and that was it. I didn’t see many moments of why they were such good friends, and I feel the shortness of the story affected that aspect because other than in bed, I didn’t see or feel the closeness between them.

It still made for a quick pleasant read, but it’s not a story that I would remember. I give Rogue a C

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3 thoughts on “Brook Street: Rogues by Ava March”

  1. I felt a connection but I just wanted more meat to this story. I liked them together, but nothing really happens. I still like book one best in this series.

  2. There wasn’t a lot of tension or plot, other than Rob trying to be with Linus. I haven’t read the second book, but 1st is much better than this one.

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