Tucson Festival of Books Flash Giveaway 10 (Last One)

The rules are simple:
Giveaway starts Saturday morning and closes Sunday night. The winner will be announced that Monday.
All books are in print there will be no substitutions for an electronic version or a different book.
Since the books are autographed if something goes wrong during transient I am UNABLE to replace the prize.
Each giveaway will have some advice provided during one of the panels and a topic that must be answered in order to enter.

This week’s prize is a copy of Hellbent by Cherie Priest.

World Building:
– What to make it as easy as possible for your readers to step into your world – Robin Hobb

– Sometimes even accurate research details will pull the reader out of the story – Maxwell Alexander Drake

To enter leave a comment talking about “things that make you go hmmm,” while reading.

13 thoughts on “Tucson Festival of Books Flash Giveaway 10 (Last One)”

  1. things that make me go hmmmm while reading is when I am trying to digest a certain part of the story i am reading, especially if it is something that i have quite not understood and so i have to reread it again and think about the possibilities as to why the story went like that =)

  2. Things that make me go hmmm include: stories set in countries where it is OBVIOUS the author is not a native, names of characters that are TOO ‘clever’ or indecipherable and stories that don’t follow a logical time-line.

  3. The introduction of a character simply for the purpose of providing an infodump. No matter how clearly you disguise that plot moppet or wise sage the reader can always spot him or her a mile away.

  4. Things that make you go “hmmm” – I love PNR/UF series with shifters, but I have to say whenever the male shifters have animalistic characteristics to their genitalia, I’m always a little put off. Seriously, how does that work? Weird….

  5. The thing that makes me go “hum” when reading is when I’m reading along an all of a sudden a character appears will no explained explanation of how he is related to the story being told!

  6. I go hmm when something happens in a book that is not possible, not even in the story. So why did the author write it? It throws me out of the story in unbelief.

  7. Things that make me go hmm, are when a character’s personality change throughout the series.

  8. Things that makes me go hmmm… would be information that I didn’t know or there is a revelation in the story that is shocking.

  9. Things that make me go hmmm are when there are so many characters and stories going on at the same time.

  10. When heroines are described as intelligent, capable, independent and self-sufficient then have them cower every time their mother speaks to them. No matter how abusive/toxic the woman is, they will not speak up about it because to do so would be “disrespectful”.

  11. I have most recently been stumped by the “insta-love” prevalent in many paranormal romances. You met in a bookstore and are in love by the end of coffee in the bookstore coffee shop??? REALLY???

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