Interview & Giveaway with Cherry Adair

Today we are super lucky to have a first-timer here at The Book Pushers: romantic suspense author Cherry Adair. Cherry is the New York Times bestselling author of the T-FLAC series, the Lodestone Trilogy and the Cutter Cay series. She has written both contemporary romantic suspense, as well as paranormal romantic suspense.

The third book in the Cutter Cay series, Vortex (holy Amazing cover!!!), releases May 22nd.

Cherry, Welcome to The Book Pushers

Cherry: Hi Nicole. Thanks for having me. Is it OK if I sit here near the cookies and ice tea? Perfect. Yes, please, more ice. Great chocolate chip cookies, btw. 😀


The Book Pushers: What can you tell us about your newest release, Vortex?

 Cherry: Here’s a quick sound-bite summary of ALL my books to start- Danger-shooting-explosions-running-chasing-sex-shooting-sex-running-chasing-fallingdown-wild monkey sex-happy ending . . .rinse and repeat. Lol For the Cutter Cay series, add SCUBA diving for treasure. 🙂

Logan Cutter is the oldest of three brother’s. He’s not a guy who asks a lot of questions, so he isn’t fazed when he pulls a mystery woman out of the ocean at midnight, and miles from the coast. He figures she’ll tell him everything when she regains her memory and/or when she’s ready. Ha! Her memory is just fine thank you very much, Daniela lies to Logan from the second he hauls her on board is luxury mega-yacht (my heroes are never poor lol). She’s just full of secrets, and although she spoon feeds him what he absolutely has to know, when he absolutely has to know it, she doesn’t tell me everything. Danger-shooting-explosions-running-chasing-sex-secrets- shooting-sex-running-chasing-fallingdown-wild monkey sex. J Oh, a little Scuba diving, too.


The Book Pushers: Will there be more books in the Cutter Cay series?

Cherry: Yes, I love this series, and so, apparently, do my readers. Yay. A win-win. 😀 Anyone who know me, knows I have superior math skills (not!) So this trilogy will be at least six books. Lol The next will be Stormchaser -Spring 2013.


The Book Pushers: What was the inspiration behind the Cutter Cay books? (MinnChica – I absolutely LOVE the pirate/treasure hunter storylines!!)

Cherry: I live in Seattle – think cold/drizzle/rain/grey skies when everyone else is having Spring then Summer! I wanted ‘warm’!!  I thought of clear, aquamarine-colored water, hot sand, tropical, fruity drinks. . .I come up with a small Caribbean island called Cutter Cay. But once I’d ‘built ‘the small island  I knew I’d be bored into a coma after they’d walked around their island a couple of times! I wanted swash and buckle – I wanted danger, I wanted hot, wild money sex, I wanted dive boats, and guys in tight wetsuits,  I wanted treasure, gold and emeralds. . . Ta Da – the Cutter brothers. Rich, sexy, not afraid to get their hands dirty, honorable, sexy (oh, yeah I mentioned that wetsuit thing :D), and they all have those Cutter blue eyes. . . It was love at first sight word. 🙂


The Book Pushers: What kind of research did you do for the Cutter Cay books?

Cherry:  I always do a LOT of research for all my books. I want them to have verisimilitude. I first do a lot of research on line, then find people who have been there, done that. I have someone who is an expert on all things Spanish treasure ships (she’s absolutely fascinating, and even though I have only a grain of information she’s shared with me, it’s the real deal.I also know real treasure hunters who happily share their experiences with me. What it’s like to dive, what they’ve seen, what it’s like to bring millions of dollars’ worth of treasure to the surface for the first time.. Exciting stuff. Then there’s all the other stuff that needs research – the ship, the weapons people use, the workings of a mega-yacht, how many people on board and what they do. . . As  said – there is a great deal of research involved

The Book Pushers: When will the third book in the Lodestone series be released? Can you tell us who the hero and heroine will be?

Cherry: Stormchaser will be out next Spring. I could tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you. lol


The Book Pushers: How many more books do you have planned out for the T-FLAC series?

Cherry: I’d be so freaking happy if I could write T-FLAC books from some senior center between diaper changes lol  (hopefully that’s a long way off! Lol) I just finished a new T-FLAC book – ICE COLD (out this Fall)  – it’s been a while since I did a straight T-FLAC story, and it was SO much fun to write it and get back into my counterterrorist world.


The Book Pushers: Do you have any new books/series that you are planning or thinking about?

Cherry: Oh, yes! I have the next 5  books plotted, and know the who, the where and the why.


The Book Pushers: What are you currently working on right now?

Cherry: I’m writing the next Lodestone book – set in Egypt. We’re. . .debating lol. . .the title now. (No this is NOT Gideon Starks book – just saying.) There will be at least 4 books in this trilogy (I told you math is my Super Power!! Lol)


The Book Pushers: What is the most interesting or scary fact you’ve come across in your research?

Cherry: Oh, there’s always so weird factoid that I come across that I can’t resist using. Lol In Black Magic it was the fact that snakes have two penises (or is that pini?) You bet I used that one. lol


The Book Pushers: For our fun question – you are captured by an evil mastermind who is keeping you in a hidden hideaway. You have a choice to call an Arnold Schwarzenegger, a James Bond or a Jason Bourne type hero – which one would you like to rescue you and how would they do it?

Cherry: Pfft!  James/Jason- unless the evil mastermind was a younger vision of Alan Rickman, in which case Bond could take his time coming to get me. Lol I would hope by the time help arrived I could meet him outside the dungeon where I was being held. I’d figure out how to get out on my own. lol


The Book Pushers: And finally who is your ultimate warrior hero? They could be a combination of fictional characters or a real one.

Cherry: Hard to boil down to just one.  My favorite changes with every new book I write, or new action movie I see. I love smart, resourceful, sexy, take action kinds of men, which is why I love to write what I write.


Thanks for inviting me over, Nicole, 😀 I enjoyed chatting with you, and appreciate the tea and cookies. In fact – hang on a sec- let me look in my tote- yes. I have a little prezzie for your readers if they e-mail me ( their snail mail address I’ll send them a little something. <g> AND, if you’d like to draw a (!!) name – I’ll give away 3 copies of  VORTEX. 🙂





You heard it folks! Cherry is giving away 3 copies of VORTEX!! So leave Cherry a question or comment, and you’ll be entered to win! The giveaway is open to US folks only and ends May 29th. Good Luck!

38 thoughts on “Interview & Giveaway with Cherry Adair”

  1. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t think I’ve ever read any Cherry Adair books. I always see her recommended but she has so many books I don’t know where to get started. What would you suggest?

  2. @KatieF: Depends on what you like – straight romantic suspense, or a little paranormal mixed in. The Cutter Cay books are WONDERFUL as are the T-FLAC books. Really, you can’t go wrong! 🙂

  3. What a great interview, thank you ladies, I enjoyed it. I am sorry this giveaway is not international, as I really love your books. A signed copy would be so cool! Email is on its way though 🙂

  4. Wait, snakes have two penises?!?! ARRGGHHH!!! That’s seriously disturbing. This interview totally cracked me up. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I did not know that about snakes! Seriously?!?

    Her comments about her six-book trilogy reminded me of how The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is five-volume trilogy. 🙂

  6. I haven’t read a book in The Cutter Cay series yet, but based on Cherry’s description of book #3, I now must add all three books to my TBR list. Thank you for the amusing interview and giveaway! 🙂

  7. I don’t care how many books are in the triology … Just keep em coming. Love to win a copy of the new book.

  8. Maria pronounced Mariah

    With as many nature shows as my husband watches you think I would know you fun fact about snakes but I have never heard that before. I wonder if it is just one type or all?

  9. So happy to hear that Cutter Cay will now be 6 books instead. Love this series. I always get a big kick out of her math skill, just love it. Congrats on the new release.

  10. Happy Release Day to Cherry. I’m eagerly awaiting Gideon’s story. I’m so happy there are more TFlac books to look forward to.

  11. Thanks for the great interview and giveaway! I haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of Cherry’s books cuz I live under a rock 🙂 Definitely adding her to my wishlist 🙂

  12. Great interview. I love it when authors can’t get enough of their own characters and stories. It’s amazing that you have five future books plotted out already. I wish you much continued success.

  13. Martha Lawson

    Hi Cherry! Can’t wait to read Vortex. Looks good. I am a big fan of yours, think I’ve read all your books. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  14. Valentina Rodriguez

    I love your books! I have read every single one of them (pretty sure ;)… excited for Vortex, you are amazing!

  15. I am relatively new to your books but I LOVE them. Can’t wait to read this one too!

  16. Cherry and Book Pushers! Thanks for the entertaining interview. I’m a new fan and I love your writing style. Congratulations on the release of Vortex.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy!

  17. We need more Cutter books, absolutely. Glad to hear there’s another on the release schedule. I just started reading Vortex – LOVE it. You keep writing them, we’ll keep reading them!

  18. The first Cherry Adair I read was a T-Flac book about the Edge brothers… I’ve been hooked ever since. As a matter of fact, I’m looking at VORTEX as we speak. It is propped up on the shelf waiting… as soon as my work is finished I can go immerse myself in a this new adventure. Talk about incentive!

    (needless to say you can leave me out of the draw )

  19. Yay!! love this interview. Congratulations on the release of Vortex I can’t wait for more T-Flac to come. ^0^

  20. I am a big fan of all your books. I got my mom reading them and that is hard to do. She isn’t a Paranormal reader but I got her now reading all your books and several of my friends into the series. We have a race each time you have a new one out to see if who gets it first on their Kindles or E-readers. Looking forward to more.

  21. Cherry you are by far one of my favorite writers. I just ordered the Vortex book and it should be in today! I cannot wait. I really love all of your series. Do you think you could write just a little faster? (I’m just kidding with you, maybe).

  22. I can’t get enough of your books! My faves are still Kiss and Tell and Hide and Seek but your new stuff rocks too!

  23. Great interview! The book sounds great and the cover looks amazing! Thank you so much for the chance of winning your book, I also sent you an email. :o) You are so generous!

  24. After reading your description of your books, especially the ones with SCUBA added to them, they are a must read for me! Thanks so much for the awesome interview and giveaway:)

  25. Hi, Cherry. Great interview and confrats on the book release! I’ve only read one of your novellas and I loved it. I would love to read this book and many others!
    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

  26. Love this series and can’t wait to read Logan’s story.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

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