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In the Company of Witches
Publisher: Berkley
Publish Date: Out now
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All witch and part succubus, savvy businesswoman Raina has converted a Southern plantation house into an extremely profitable old-fashioned bordello. Because of her abilities as a witch, the demons under Raina’s protection can feed off the sexual energy of their clients without killing them—definitely a good thing for repeat business.

But when a rogue incubus shows up on Raina’s doorstep begging for asylum, the witch’s well-run business is put in jeopardy. The incubus has stolen an object of great power from Lucifer, and Underworld Dark Guardian Mikhael will do anything to get it back—even if it means incinerating the incubus on Raina’s porch to get the answers he seeks.

Not to be trifled with, Raina enters a dangerous match of wits with Mikhael to achieve their mutual goals—only to discover that the reluctant attraction between them is the most hazardous game of all…
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I am a sporadic Joey W. Hill reader; she’s written a book that really changed how I viewed certain things. She has written series that I really enjoyed and others that are darker then I can take. I liked the look of the first book in this series Something About Witches so I went ahead and devoured it in one go. After that I eagerly look forward to In The Company of Witches not just because I enjoyed the first book but because of who the hero and heroine were. Mikhael, while not the ultimate bad guy in the first book, still wasn’t very likeable regardless of his reasons for doing what he did. I had some serious doubts about how Ms Hill could make me think of him as heroic. Raina, I didn’t have as many doubts about because she was a business woman. While shedid play a trick on her best friend it was truly intended to and did help.

Ms Hill starts off quickly and lets the reader see the characters as they appear to outsiders. Mikhael is implacable, determined, powerful — and Raina is also determined, powerful, and protective. I enjoyed their matching wits from this first early encounter. Raina who still harbored a strong dislike towards Mikhael for his treatment of her best friend, but nonetheless had other reasons for standing her ground and protecting the wild incubus. Mikhael found Raina intriguing, annoying and in the way. While he decided not to go through her to get his answers from the incubus he was determined to get what he came for. As time passed what he came for expanded to include the challenge that was Raina. Throughout the entire book they matched wits and kept me engrossed.

That wasn’t the only thing that kept me engrossed. Peeling back their surface layers and seeing what made, motivated, and haunted Raina and Mikhael as the book continued was equally fascinating. They were such complex characters who made each other work for the slightest hint of insight. The contrast between Mikheal in Something About Witches and this book really brought home his reasons for doing what he did. Watching him seduce and slowly reel Raina in really put me in mind of folklore and how evil slowly takes over. It fit so perfectly given whose Champion he is.

Their smexy times were extremely intense. Ms Hill is known for incorporating BDSM themes and actions in her work and she continued that here. One of the things she touched on that really got me was how she addressed the important issue of trust in a BDSM relationship and how much that effects when that trust has been violated. Not just in that particular relationship but in any future relationships. Not that trust isn’t important in any relationship but it seems that much more devastating in a BDSM one because then the person is unable to get what they need because the trust isn’t there.

This review has focused on the relationship between the hero and heroine but the adventure that brought them together was handled deftly throughout the book. I learned a lot more about the world and how nasty certain creatures can be. We got to see Ruby and Derek a few times and learn exactly why Derek took Mikhael’s actions so harshly. Raina had to really come into her own during the climax of In The Company of Witches and she also had to trust Mikhael if she wanted to survive. Without giving away any spoilers I was very satisfied with how this book ended and I hope that Ms Hill continues to write in this world.

I give In The Company of Witches a B+

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