Interview with Nalini Singh

One of our favorite authors is back here at The Book Pushers once again, talking about the newest installment of the Psy-Changeling Series. (MinnChica – this might be my favorite PNR series. OF. ALL. TIME.)

Nalini Singh is the New York Times bestselling author of both this series as well as the Guild Hunters series. With the release of the 11th novel in the Psy- Changeling series on May 29th, Singh is moving closer to telling us who the Ghost is and all about the mystery behind the woman Kaleb is searching for.


Nalini, Welcome back to The Book Pushers!!

It’s nice to be back. 🙂


The Book Pushers: Tangle of Need, tell us what we can expect!

Nalini: This is an intense, emotional book about two wounded people who never expect to fall for one another. It’s also a book in which furthers the overall story arc of the Psy/Changeling series – there’s lots happening!



The Book Pushers: How many more books are currently under contract in this series? How many more do you hope to write before the series ends?

Nalini: The series is contracted to book 14. I think within that, we’ll come to the end of what I view as the original story arc (or more specifically, the second part of that arc), but I’d like to do what I call my tangent books after that – though since the series is very organic, we would continue the timeline in terms of the flow-on effects of events in previous books. 

So the books would only be semi-tangential in that way, but at the same time, we’d be diving deep into parts of the world / characters, we haven’t seen as much to date. 

Perhaps I should describe it as a new arc instead, as the books will all tie into an ongoing storyline. I must ponder this…



The Book Pushers: Can you tell us who the next hero and heroine will be?

Nalini: No, I’m not ready to share just yet!



The Book Pushers: Have you been surprised by any new ideas, characters or direction in the Psy-Changeling series?

Nalini: I’m always aware of never forcing a character into a particular direction in order to serve the plot – their actions must be true to who they are. 

So yes, I’m surprised all the time, but the fact I’ve always had the overall arc of the series in mind means that even with this fluidity within each particular book, the series as a whole has a strong, coherent structure.



The Book Pushers: Hawke and Sienna feature heavily in Tangle of Need, are you surprised by how popular are they as a couple by fans? And will they be on the forefront in future books? (Hawke fangirlz here)

Nalini: It’s impossible for a writer to predict which couple or character will capture fans’ hearts, but I knew they had something the second they appeared on the page together. Instant, unmistakable chemistry. And of course, I was thinking – no, no, no, no, she’s too young! I knew we’d have to wait for their story and it would drive everyone (including me!) crazy, but I also knew that no other hero would work for Sienna, and no other heroine for Hawke. 

As for whether we’ll see more of them – yes, I think so, though it might not be to the same extent as in TANGLE OF NEED. Their relationship is new, developing and growing deeper day by day, book by book, and I think it’ll be wonderful to see that development. Plus, they’re important players in another aspect of the storyline.



The Book Pushers: In this book, you introduce some of the sea shifters. Are we going to see more of the different types of shifters (the birds, the rats and sea shifters), and will they be taking a more active role in the overall story arc?

Nalini: You will be seeing more of them, but later on in the series I think. Though, it’s possible they may have important secondary roles to play in upcoming books.



The Book Pushers: You are known for writing novellas about secondary characters from your series. Who can we expect to see featured in your next novella?

Nalini: I’m currently working on a novella featuring SnowDancer lieutenant, Cooper, and the submissive wolf he’s courting, Grace. 

I do also have another novella to write for the anthology next year, but I’m still weighing up who I’ll focus on for that one – there are so many choices. (Feel free to champion your favorites!)



The Book Pushers: Everyone wants to know about the Ghost. Can you at least give us an idea of WHEN you are planning on revealing his identity? Can you give us a tiny hint (his heroine, any little pleasures) to help us speculate away?

Nalini: Hmm, speculation fodder…I’m wickedly tempted to put a red herring out into the blogsphere, but I’ll restrain myself. 😉 

I will confirm you have met the Ghost. It’s not someone who’s just going to appear out of nowhere. And, I have always known who this person is, which means the clues (if any) are scattered throughout the books.



The Book Pushers: Do you have any new ideas percolating on a new book or series outside of the Psy-Changeling/Guild Hunter series?

Nalini: Always. But right now, I’m focused on these two series.



The Book Pushers: Jason’s book is the next Guild Hunter story – What can you tell us about this installment?

Nalini: I’ve just finished going over the copy-edited manuscript, and even though I’ve read it probably a hundred times or more by now, there’s a scene toward the end that still leaves me with a lump in my throat. It’s a deeply emotional book. Quieter in a sense, but then Jason is a shadow with unexplored depths. To discover his secrets, a woman will have to be patient, intelligent, and as stubborn as our spymaster. Mahiya is all that – but she is also a woman with wounds and secrets of her own.



The Book Pushers: A fun, silly question for the inquisitive minds… If Raphael and his Seven went up in a football, or soccer, or hockey, or rugby (or really anything with full body contact) game against Hawke, Lucas and their lieutenants and sentinels, who would win? Would ANYONE play by the rules?

Nalini: Rules? What are these things of which you speak?

 All I know is that whoever took on the task of refereeing would need balls of steel and absolutely no regard for his or her life.Suggestions?


Thanks again to Nalini for being here today!

7 thoughts on “Interview with Nalini Singh”

  1. What a great interview! And I just met Nalini in Berlin, and she nor her mother would tell us anything about the future books! But she is so nice and funny and great to hang out. She does love chocolate though!

  2. I am totally jealous that you were able to meet her. She always provides us with the best answers even if they don’t tell us exactly what we would love to hear :).

  3. I have no idea where you girls live, I thought in England? She is on a book tour in Germany this week, together with Lara Adrian.

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